Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Flying Pig Marathon & Half Marathon...

Flying Pig Marathon (Full Marathon review and ratings written by MB (except where indicated) who completed the full Flying Pig Marathon this year)

Overall Race Rating: 5/5
The flying Pig....or the "I can't believe how many hills are in one marathon race." The free FP messenger bag is great makes it all worth while showing up. (S.A. Note: Every year the flying pig gives out different type of bags with the flying pig logo on it. This year it was a very nice messanger bag and last year it was a gym duffle. They're great!!!) The head cheese (race official) shakes everyone of the finishers hands as the cross the finish Swine. The people of Ohio know how to put on a marathon and its one of my favorite if not my favorite marathon to date! it was warm for me, being from NY, and lots of Chafing BUT they had vasiline on the telephone poles early on (at mile 10) and beyond thank you for that!

Organization: 5/5
The start is very laid back no worries of corals and every mile along the race is largely marked and has a clock with it, with people giving you your est time of finish. Even the cops cheer you on along the way! The post race party, although most marathons I have done they dont have a post race party right when you finish, its at night time, but this one is fun but they need more FOOD<>
Course: 3/5
Love the 630 am start!!!! You have your whole day to go to the Zoo after, only if someone didnt take a nap! Ok everyone is worried about the Hills of Boston in their Marathon.....forgetabout it...the flying Pig should be called the hilly Pig! OMG are there hills! But everyone takes such good care of you in Ohio you dont even think about it, till you try to walk or run the next am.

Spectators: 5/5
People and volunteers all along the race route are amazing but all the people in Ohio are GREAT! Bands along the way, parties, and water and gator aid every mile!

Pace Group: DNE

Expo: 4/5
The Packet pickup and race expo is one of the best expos around. Very very organized and lots of free stuff and lots of running clothes with the pig on them to buy...LOTS. The expo even had puppies to adopt at and I (MB) talked steph out of getting one since she is never home :(
~Stephanie's Note: They had Gracie's Gear!!!
Pasta party food.....they tried they really did but uck!
Final Comments... Besides the Hills I think Ohio and the Flying Pig is a great Marathon Weekend but the animals were all asleep at the Zoo on Monday, because I think the weekends are so packed with people all weekend that they sleep all day on Monday like I wish I could have done.
And I found a new restruant,,,steph knows the name with a huge flying pig that you can pose and get your pix with.

Time: 4:56:53 (11:20 Pace)
Division: 121
Sex Place: 1056

Flying Pig Half-Marathon & Pump and Run Challenge...

Since I did the Country music marathon last weekend (and because I've already done the flying pig and Ohio twice) I only did the half marathon this weekend. I made it a little more exciting because I participated in the Pump N Run Challenge.

Flying Pig Pump N Run Challenge/~The half marathon challege winner was the person with the fastest "Net Time." Net time was determined by starting with your overall half-marathon run time and subtracting out a handicap. The handicap was based on the number of bench press reps you could complete by a percent of your weight.
Pump N Run Results:
Half Marathon Time: 1:46:30 (8:08 Pace)
Handicap: 34 Minutes (17 Bench Press reps)
Net Time: 1:12:30
Overall Results:
~Run Time with Handicap: 10th Female overall
~Run Time with Handicap: 3rd Female in my age group
~Run Only: 4th Female Overall
~Run Only: 2nd Female Overall
Half-Marathon Results:
Division- 35/640
Sex Place: 134/5461

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  1. Uhhh you forgot to mention you saw Kenny and I yelling for you as you finished!