Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What more is there after you go to Disney World???... Alabama-- Duh!

Soooo the leg pain is gone which means.... let's plan more marathons!!!

I've decided on my next one-- The "Mercedes Marathon" in Birmingham Alabama-- Please feel free to be VERY jealous :0\ The race is on February 15, 2009, if anyone would like to join!!! I've also signed up for the Nashville Country Music Marathon in April and guess what? CB will be doing her 2nd marathon!!!

Soo... why Alabama? I'll be doing this marathon for a few reasons...
1. The Myrtle Beach Marathon was closed out! Juuuuust Kiddddding......... but seriously, closed!! WTH?
2. You get a Mercedes if you finish-- Again, kidding! But that would be really cool. HOWEVER-- you DO get a LOT of free stuff!!! They're actually known for that. Apparently they have a ton of sponsors and they're always giving away free things. yayyyy
3. A group of the galloway runners from Cinci will be carpooling down-- always nice to have people to travel with!!
4. I'm not sure if this is a reason to or a reason NOT to, but... this is the course elevation chart. You do 2 large 13 mile loops, so you get that very very large hill TWICE. One of those times is between 19 and 23 miles. It's going to suck... but hey, a challenge is always good, right? Maybe?? Anyone???

5. It's on V-Day... so I get to think of a realllly cool pink and red costume to wear. Mayyyybe I'll be cupid... it's give me an excuse to run with a bow and arrow and shoot people!!!
6. Obvi... I haven't done Alabama yet!!!

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