Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4 Days to go... Marathon Preparation

4 Days to go until Disney Marathon, here are a few thoughts going through my head and things to remember....

1) REST REST REST. I'm only staying up late ONE night this week (OSU was in the fiesta bowl), besides that I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible. I got 11 hours last night!!! Yes that's right-- I went to bed at 7pm (Lame... but it will be worth it).

2) Pack Early!!! I'm fairly forgetful so I'm packing tonight. I'm not leaving until Friday so as I remember things I'll either add them to a list and put that with my bag or I'll actually pack the items if I don't need them. *** I'll go tonight to my usual running store to get my GU, if they don't have the flavors I like I'll have time to look elsewhere

3) H2O!!!! All week long... I've been slacking, so I'll try to pick it up.

4) I have a ChEAR'ing squad- so I've already planned a route for them to find me and I've signed their phones up to give them updates during the race... don't want to worry about it the day before. :)
Spectator Interactive Map:

Runner Tracking:

5) Update/Create my Playlist!!! I've gotten a good number of songs from the Disney Running Forum and I'll have to update AND CHARGE my iPod this week. Probably tomorrow night. Lyrics and Quotes to Run to from DRF:

6) Pancakes!!! I ALWAYS eat pancakes the morning of my marathons-- strange, but it works for me. Seeing that I'll be staying in Orlando I'll have to find a way to get pancakes at 4am. I will look into this tomorrow... maybe the hotel will have them???

7) 3:40, 3:40, 3:40- Just keep saying it to myself

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