Thursday, January 1, 1998

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Running 50 Marathons in 50 States by Boston 2011!

In an attempt to stay on task, I created a blog to track as I made my way through a marathon in all 50 states. There is, in fact, a "club" for this sort of crazy endeavor. The 50 States Marathon Club!

Challenge... COMPLETE!!! I have finished 62 Marathons in 50 States + D.C. (Listed on the right menu). I have repeated a few states and my first marathon was in Athens, Greece-- although I tried to pass it as a "City-State," I don't think they would approve. 

What's Next?
I'm training to take on Western States 100 this June (2011) as well as repeating some of my non sub-4:00 marathons in hopes to make the 50-sub 4 club!

Where is All Began... 
I started distance running in the 3rd grade-- completing my first 5K through the guidance and encouragement of "Coach C" alongside with another couple dozen 3rd and 4th grade girls. Each year Mr. C would get a few girls to train for the Freihoffers Run for Women 5K in Albany NY.

In 7th grade - 9th I ran XC and track for my high school... Columbia High School in East Greenbush, making varsity in the 7th grade. I got a little bored with running year round and ventured off into other sports starting with Lacrosse (which I went to college to play), then Field Hockey  and eventually in college (Union College) switching to Rugby where I dumped LaX and played through school and eventually onto the women's team in Cincinnati. Which I would later dump for to circle back to running and start my life of extreme marathoning!

In college I continued to run to keep in shape, but never going further than a few 10-15K's and one less than stellar attempt at a New Years Day half marathon while still drunk less than fully prepared.

I majored in Economics, but was a little ahead of myself in credits, so I opted to pick up a minor-- classical history. With this minor we were encouraged to take a class or term abroad... to Athens, Greece (go ahead... twist my arm). The summer prior to going abroad, I found out there would be a marathon (THE marathon) taking place while I was there and I started straining. With the help of MB--who had done a few marathons by this point-- and a training schedule I found online, I started training alone with no idea what I was getting myself into.

I would complete my first marathon in Athens, Greece in 4:06:45! This was 2005! In 2006 I would follow it up with the New Las Vegas Marathon... running with MB (and almost killing each other). In 2007, having graduated college and moved to Cincinnati, I ran 2 more (both in Ohio). Finally in 2008 I was pretty involved with rugby and running very little. But the Flying Pig Marathon came and I couldn't say no... completing the race with pretty much 0 training (woops).
Mega Marathoning!
Leading up to 2009 I moved to Jacksonville, FL for work (on a 6-month role) and trained for the Disney Marathon in January. Once I did that I decided to pick up another in March (ING Georgia), then another in April-- the most I had done in a year, let alone a few months. Then... it was all downhill.

I decided it was time to go after the 50-states. I knew it was something I wanted to do from the first time I finished a marathon... I just never had the time or motivation. Once I started picking up on my races, Pete (a fellow Cinci Galloway runner) asked me if it were possible to be the youngest female? Well I looked into it and found out it was. This was what started pushing the pace of my races even more. I mapped out a plan and realized that I COULD be the youngest... but better yet, IF I could qualify for Boston (which was a big 'IF' at the time) and I kept completing racees at a fast pace... I could FINISH at the Boston Marathon... in about 2 years!

Since starting this blog, the youngest female record has been made, and will very likely be smashed again within a few months. I've kept on pace because the first goal is to finish the 50, the second goal is to stay on task and complete them all by Boston! Fortunately I was finally able to make Boston in March of 2010 and have done so again 4 times in the year. I'll finish about 30 marathons and ultras this year (repeating couple of states) and a few more in 2011 to (hopefully) finish my goal! 

What can you find in this blog?...
~Tips/Tricks on Training, Distance Running, Recovery, Marathon Club/group information, etc
~Marathon Race Ratings/Reviews from Stephanie and Friends (Race Rating link in top bar)
~What is SURE to be a great story!

*NOTE!: As of June 2, 2009 all marathon race #'s have been changed to reflect the # of states completed rather than the number of marathons completed


  1. I just found your blog, and am now a follower. If you decide to run the Hartford Marathon in October, you're welcome to stay with my family. We have a house with a finished basement with a bedroom, rec room, bathroom, shower, etc. Yeah I know you don't really know me, but check out my running blog, Facebook, etc. if you want! Good luck in your running adventures.

  2. i stumbled upon your blog and what an inspiration it is! i'm sure i'll find much useful information here, so thank you for that. good luck with achieving your goal...can't wait to read about it!

    p.s. i see you'll be running the obx-turns out that'll be my first marathon ever...and hopefully not the last. :-)

  3. Hi,
    Your blog is great - very inspiring! I'll definitely be following it from now on. Im 23 and currently training for my first marathon. Id love to know what your training schedule looks like. Ive already done a number of half-marathons and have learned the hard way that its easier to simply maintain your race fitness!! Im hoping to be a fellow manic some day!!

  4. This is a GREAT goal steph!!! I'm maniac # 1398...presently on course for osmosium level...
    in case u r curious, here's my 2009-2010 schedule. if we are at the same race, would be nice to say hello to a fellow maniac!!

    sept-air force-ohio
    oct: chicago, marine corps (IL, VA)
    nov: monumental (IN)
    dec: tucson (AZ)
    jan: goofy challenge (FL)
    feb: austin (TX)
    march: little rock (AK,) ING Georgia (GA)
    april: st lous (MO), BOSTON (MA)
    may: Tacoma, r u running it? maniac reunion
    may: green bay (WI)
    june: minneapolis (MN) july: san fran (CA).
    august (ET) NV, OBX (NC). sept: new mexico, oct: baltimore marathon. long list, see how my legs hold up!

  5. Very impressive! We may have just run one or 2 together. You go girl!

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    We have chosen you to be part of a special list for us, Most Influential Runners.

    Congratulations for your wonderful work.


  7. Ok--WOW! Good for you. My body would break down in a heartbeat with all those marathons. I'm excited to follow your adventure and hope you make your goal.

  8. Wow that is amazing I am a new follower and look forward to reading about your journey. :)

  9. I just found your blog and you are an inspiration! I am a follower.
    I look forward to keep up with you in the blogging world.

  10. I love this... I am attempting the same feat. Although, I will not be the youngest. I have 9 Marathons in 3 States. I have done Chicago 7 times...It is an amazing race. It will be my 10th marathon on 10.10.10. so I'm super psyched. Good luck with your goal. If you haven't done texas should do Austin. Its a beautiful race and an awesome medal.

  11. Good Luck on this endeavor, I'm a bit jealous of how many marathon's you've completed, so I hope you get the record of youngest 50 state marathoner.

    p.s. cool pics of your medals.

  12. by Boston 2011? damn....I promise to drink along the race path if you do it. I guess im doing that either way...

  13. Steph,
    Thanks for your kind comments about our Pacers at St Louis and Fargo. We hope you run with us at Detroit. We'd love to help you along in your journey.
    Pacer Jim

  14. Your blog is SO inspiring!!! Good for you for being able to do soooo many marathons, so fast!! I'm glad I found it.

  15. I just found your blog...I wish I would have found it earlier! So cool! What an awesome goal. You're so close!

  16. This blog is motivation. You are ambitious. You should try the 15k at Rebel Race and let the obstacles help your running. the website is

  17. Forest is impressed. I am planning my 2012 year 50 marathons in 50 weeks on my 50 th birth year.
    keep it up.

  18. This is amazing! I am sorry it took sp long to get to the sight! This is crazy good information. As a new runner, I find the sight very helpful. Thanks for your dedication to the running. I hope to do the Maine Marathon in October. It will be my fourth and first outside the state of NY.