Friday, May 2, 1997

CB's Vermont City Race Rating!!!

CB's Vermont City Race Rating!!!

Overall Race Rating (Weighted): 4.5/5

Oraganization: 4/5
~Perfect amount of water stops, gatorade mixed perfectly (sounds silly but after the Cytomax disaster of Nasvhille you learn to appreciate it). Didn't get a full five because it was very difficult to read all the different maps they handed out.

Course: 5/5
~Absolutely amazing. Lots of hills and trails, but an overall intersting course. I would run it again.

Spectators: 5/5
~So supportive! People everywhere (except on the highway - but it was so early in the race it was ok)

Pace Groups: DNE

Expo: 4/5
~Very cramped.

Chip Time: 4:28:50
Overall: 1586/2410
Age: 75/122

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