Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recovering and Gearing Up... B2B Race Weeks!

First, thanks for all the notes and comments on yesterdays post! I was a little deflated after Chicago, but keeping it in perspective it was a decent time. If you've been following-- you know I put more pressure on myself than the average bear! 

Another Marathon o' Marathons...
We're in the middle of a whirlwind and truly maniacal month of marathoning. 2 weeks ago I completed the Omaha Marathon, gave myself a week off and then ran Chicago as the first of FIVE marathons in a row. "Five?... I thought you had FOUR in a row?" You may be saying. Yes well-- what happens when Stephanie takes a weekend off from racing? ... yeah, she signs up for more races! I've added a repeat state to the calendar-- Marshall University Marathon in West Virginia. Why?...

- I need a sub-4 hour WV marathon and...
- I've already done Hatfield-McCoy (and these are the only WV marathons)
- You get to carry a football through the stadium for the last 100 yards-- too cool to pass up
- It's a driving race so there are no additional flight costs!

So this is what October/November looks like (Are you racing any? Let me know and I'll add you to the "Upcoming Marathons" Page)...
1) Chicago Marathon 10/10/10
2) Detroit Marathon (I get to run to Canada!) 10/17/10
3) Bimblers Bluff 50K (CT) 10/24/10
4) Spinx Run Fest (SC) 10/30/10
5) Marshall University Marathon 11/7/10 (Repeat State)
*a WEEK off!*
6) Philadelphia Marathon 11/21/10 (Repeat State)

Recovo-gear-up Time!
These back to back weeks of racing definitely make the old workout schedule a little different. I'm half recovering, half gearing up and half tapering for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Is that 3 halves?... yeah, my blog so I can have 3 halves! How do we get a little of all of the above? This is how...

LOTS of stretching heating and icing. I ran a little hard in my first half of Chicago (7:20 pace) so my legs are definitely a little sore still
Massage? Very seriously thinking about a massage this week or next week to help get the lactic acid out
Elliptical- I went on the elliptical for a while last night and put it on a high ramp so I could get a stretch while working out the sore muscles. 
Lower mileage- I dropped my speedwork session this week and I'm doing a tempo run in it's place a day later. Still get the run and speed in, but without further burning my quads out. 

Gearing Up...
Tempo Run! I always like to get a pre-marathon tempo run before each race. It helps remind the legs that you mean business for the upcoming weekend
Strength Training- Early in the week! Yep, it sure hurts more post-Chicago, but if I do it any later I'll have a hard time with the upcoming race. 
Focus and Planning- To ensure I get sub 4-hours for the majority of the next few races, I have to plan on running this one a little bit slower... say a 3:50'ish time? 

... what is this taper you speak of? Haha I do a sort of shortened version of a taper. Since the race is on Sunday I will not run on Saturday. Friday I'll try and do a morning run so I have more time to recover. The run will only be 4-5 miles and at an easier pace. 

What's New at Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge?
Marathon Maniac Divas! If you're on facebook, you may notice a little activity going on around the MMs lately. Well in Chicago myself and 4 other MM women put ourselves into a team for Chicago and competed that way. The name of our team was the Marathon Maniac Divas and we've become a little hooked on the idea of getting PINK MM shirts... instead of the McDonalds looking Red and Yellow ones. If you're on facebook and a maniac, feel free to join the group "Marathon Maniac Divas" and let the Prez know what you think of a PINK MM shirt option! We're making a very strong lobbying effort...

Nike Free 7.0!
This weekend was my first race in the 7.0's (v. the 5.0's I've used for the past 18 races!). Thoughts? They still have the same light weight feel and flexibility of the 5.0's. I still have a more forefoot strike. In addition... they are just a little wider in the front, so when my feet swell in a race, I'm not losing all my toes in the process.

What I don't like? There is more of an arch built into the 7.0 and I'm not used to that. Currently my arch and the insert are in a battle and I assure you... my foot will win! It's quite stubborn!

Boston Registration Opens!!!
T-5 days until the BAA opens registration for Boston!!!!

Happy Running!
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. I can't wait to read your review on Detroit. I am bummed I won't be running it this year, but totally stoked that I get to work the finish line handing out the medals!

    Hopefully I am the lucky one that is able to give you your medal.

  2. Ok so now I know with certainty that I saw you at Chicago because I saw those shirts! DANG IT! I wish I had known you were going to wear those ahead of time! Those were awesome!!!! Good luck this weekend chica!

  3. There is nothing "average bear" about you, girl!! lol

    Good luck with your back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back ....

    Don't forget to run that KM for me this weekend!! :D

    And thx for the Bday wishes!!! XO!

  4. I'm counting down the hours until registration too!


  5. Yowzers lady!! I'm still trying to fathom running one..let along what you do!! amazing!!!

  6. Someday I will be a marathon maniac and then I want a pink shirt! I will go do it right now! WIsh I could have met you in Omaha I was there running the half as a lead up to my first marathon this weekend!

    Great race schedule and your website is such a good comprehensive overview of races very helpful in planning a race schedule!

  7. you are crazy but i love reading about your marathoning adventures!

  8. I haven't joined Maniacs yet, but I think hot pink shirts would inspire me to become a member!

    Good luck in Detroit this weekend! My Michigan fans would totally boo you if they saw you running by but I think it will be hilarious is you wear Ohio State gear!