Monday, October 4, 2010

Boston Marathon Rehearsal!!!! Journey to the motherland in picture...

Steph in front of the Boston Marathon Finish Line!
 This weekend we were sans a marathon on Steph's 50, but I did get a chance to make my journey to the motherland... the finish of the Boston Marathon! If you don't know, the Finish line is a permanent fixture in Boston as it is painted on the ground. If you're careful to time the stop lights right, you can get a picture! 

The future site of my (knock on wood) 50th state finish! Woohoo. Just need to 1) make sure to get signed up before it closes out and 2) finish 9 other marathons in time!
Right in front of the finish line is a store called "Marathon Sports" that has absolutely no Boston Marathon apparel or merchandise to be sold. Plllltttt! Dislike Button!!! They did, HOWEVER, have running undies! I thought that was pretty funny... I mean, don't most running shorts have built-ins? Andddd even if they don't... normal underwear would make a difference?

Myself and Julie w/ her birthday hat!
 No, I'm not crazy enough to travel to Boston JUST to visit a little painted "finish" on the ground... I went for my friend Julie's Birthday. Happy Birthday Julie!!!!! Yes, I somehow manage to have fun in a weekend without marathoning...

(Oh and look! A picture of me on here as NOT a sweaty gross post-marathon mess! How new and delightful!)

Post-Zumba picture of the girls!
 ...But don't worry-- Julie's teaches a class called Ballet Booty at a local gym and signed us up for Zumba on Saturday morning! It was a decent workout... even for the rhythmically challenged like myself.

I'm still fairly upset that grandma takes this class often... grandmas should NOT be doing booty rolls!

Throwing down the G's... Gamma Phi Betas

All around it was a great weekend-- yes, even without a marathon! But don't worry... you'll get enough of that over the next 4 weeks as we have 4 marathon weekends coming up... plus a few more!!!!

Coming up next....
Chicago Marathon...     10/10/10
Detroit Marathon...       10/17/10
Bimbler's Bluff 50K...   10/24/10
Spinx Run Fest...          10/30/10
Marshall University Marathon on 11/7/10*
Philadelphia Marathon...11/21/10
Chicago Meet-Ups!!! If I'm supposed to go to any others let me know!
1) Marathon Maniacs- Friday night (can't make) ... possibly Sat night Pasta?
2) Marathon Maniac Divas!- Team meet up... TBD!
3) Cinci Galloway Post-Race Party- Sunday
4) Union College meet up- Sun Night


  1. You are hilarious! I hope I can meet you this weekend!!!

  2. 1. Look for me at Mile 22.5 in my tu-tu spectating!!!! :)

    2. When do you get in to Michigan for the Detroit Marathon??? I live in Lansing now and depending on when you arrive/leave we might be able to figure out how to meet up!!!

    Good luck!!!

  3. Wow chick you have a BUSY BUSY schedule coming up.. Rock it out.. So excited to go to Boston!!

    I think you can register on 10/18??

  4. Hope you had a Blast in Boston!!
    I lived there for 8 years and my office was right at the finish line! :)

  5. In answer to your question-yes, Wineglass is totally a course you can PR on, but definitely not pancake flat. We lucked out with gorgeous weather, thought slightly chilly. I'll be in Philly! Are you planning on running it to race it or just have fun with it? (though I know you say you're racing "just for fun" all the time then set massive PRs!)

  6. i live in Boston and walk by that spot almost everyday (but only run by it once a year). Marathon Sports sells SO much underwear! lol. Boston marathon apparel is only available here from march-about end of may/june. i think bill rogers running center sells it year round but it's all post-dated. see you in April!

  7. Goodluck and run whit fun the marathon this weekend.

  8. Good luck on your marathon! More power to you and God Bless!

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