Thursday, June 4, 2009

*Race Review of the Month!!!*

*New* Each month Stephanie will pick a race rating submitted by one of her fellow marathoners. The review will be picked based on...
~Insight into the race provided
~Runner's Stand-out performance (i.e. a PR)
~Unusual sites, sounds, experiences during the race
~Writing Style/Effort

The May race review of the month is...
SACCO's take on the 2009 Vermont City Marathon!!!
(Congratulations Sacco and keep up the good work!)

Sacco gave the Vermont City marathon a 5.0 out of 5.0!!! The first in SFMC history!!! WOW!!!

Review Preview...
"~ I really enjoyed this experience, it felt much more personal than other races I've participated in!
Organization: 5/5~Packet pick up was easy. Getting to the start was a little confusing, I knew where it was, but was unsure where to line up (which side of the start banner).

Course: 5/5
~Loved it!! Beautiful course. I did notice that medical support persons were on bikes along the course, this was nice. Better than one tent at the half way point and finish only."

For Sacco's full review of Vermont City please follow the link here...

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