Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hatfield-McCoy Marathon Race Rating and Results

Nothing yet! They STILL haven't posted the results. I'm not too sure whats taking so long, considering they had to have the results available to give awards at the festival on Saturday.


  1. They move at their own pace in the mountains, I guess...

  2. My understanding is that all awards would be mailed, so they didn't have to have the results ready that day. Still, I'm getting frustrated too - pictures are up before the results??

  3. Thursday morning, still no results. Between the half & the full, there were only around 400 runners, right? Still, it was over a week before Run Under The Stars posted their results.

    I was more interested in the photos, but I wasn't too impressed with mine. In fairness, the photographer could claim "garbage in, garbage out".

    - Greg