Friday, June 26, 2009

This week's good and bad of running

So today there were 2 things I wanted to write about- 1 being very good and exciting and 1 being well.... there's no better word for it but a "rant." Well, here we go...

The GOOD...
Today is a "drop down" week for our long run -- NOOO that isn't the good news-- but for our drop down week we'll be running the HydePark Blast-4 Miler (HPB) here in Cincinnati, OH! The extra exciting part is that this will be Kyle's very first race!!! The naturally (what looks like) 1% body fat Kyle has no need to ever run. So he's been training very hard for the past 2 weeks! He's going to do great but if he beats me I'll be forced to trip him at the finish line in front of thousands of spectators... Do you hear me Kyle???

The Bad...
Today I went for a morning run so that I have my evenings free to go see transformers 2 (so excited) and something happened that realllllly irked me! MEN! That's what happened!!! Dirty, no good, perverted men! Can SOMEBODY please explain to me why when women look: 1) Blotchy 2) Sweaty 3) Dirty, 4) Out of breath, 5) De-Make-up'ed, 6) Unshowered (AKA running) do men feel the need to Ogle, Yell, Slow their cars down, and essentially use women's bodies for their on voyeuristic pleasures!?!?!
First off, WHY???? We look DISGUSTING and second WHYY? What you're doing is very noticeable and rude! You don't stare at women in your office like that. You don't blatantly slow down your cars to stare when you're walking into the office do you? It's rude and on top of that VERY scary! FYI.... when people slow down, stare, and are not intimidated by the object staring back then it seems like they're dangerous!!! Also, EW! I say we all pick a morning and call it "baseball bat run day!" All women can carry baseball bats and men get ONE chance to look away. If they continue to stare or if they honk or yell, women have the right to shut them up!

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  1. Silly Steph! Why do men do these things???? It's really quite simple. Because we are men! If we didn't do those things, we wouldn't be men ... we'd be women!

    Women have a different perspective on attractiveness. I'll never understand it, but I can appreciate it. You'll probably never fully understand how the male mind works (does anyone?), but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate it.

    As far as the ogling goes, men fall into three basic types: 1. those that look away as soon as you return the stare (the cowardly), those that will hold their stare for a few seconds (the confident), and those that hold their stare a bit too long (the creepy - you know the type!). Hopefully, you're encountering a bunch of #2s and you're mistaking them for #3s. Of course, you could just be a stalker magnet! ;)

    You DO run in a burka, don't you? Men are superficial. There's no getting over it. Don't try to understand it, just accept it.

    I think you're encountering normal male behavior (or you really ARE a stalker magnet). If you remove all our quirkness, you know what you're left with? Neither do I, but it won't be a man ... and where would the fun in THAT be???

    - Greg