Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who needs rest??? ... This IS a challenge to everyone reading!!!

Soooo I signed  up... for another marathon. I can't seem to "Just say no." 

Dances with Dirt Devil's Lake marathon. But I'm STILL getting my much needed rest. I'll be getting 4 weeks of rest between races rather than 6. Hey! for me that's a lot! I was literally NOT sleeping because I was so worried about taking a whole 6 weeks off. Really I'm going to get better rest BECAUSE I signed up for the race... yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

THIS IS YOUR CHALLENGE (if you choose to accept it!)...
You know I'll give the "RUNdown" as we get closer to the marathon, but for advertising purposes I wanted to give ya a little background. I'm hoping SOMEBODY I know signs up! No maniacs are doing it and it wasn't listed in the Daily Mile as an event. I think I'm going to make it my personal obligation to get at least TEN people to sign up!!! So between the maniacs, blogspot, and Daily Mile there have to be TEN people out there that are up for a challenging trail marathon!!!

What?: Dances with Dirt (DWD) Devil's Lake Marathon
Type: Trail
Distance: They offer an ultra, marathon, half marathon, and relay (I say marathon!)
Why: This race looks hard core. According to the "Head Goat" (yes I was apparently emailed by a goat) "it's a very tough single track trail marathon." Why does this sound so exciting? READ the name of the blog... CHALLENGE! I've never done a trail marathon, so this is even more exciting!
DOES it COUNT?: It's NOT a Boston Qualifier (BQ) but it does go toward the 50 states (acc. to the goat)
*Also, I think I booked a 2 bed hotel so if any ladies decide to do it, it's not as costly! Let me know!!!

So... c'mon, dust off those old sneaks (cause you KNOW you don't want to run with any kind of new white shoe) and sign up!!!


  1. Good luck! I went to trail running camp last summer and at the end of the camp, we had a 5 mile race... which took me 90 minutes! That put me off trail marathons, realizing it would take me like 8 hours to finish :) I'm pacing Missoula that weekend anyway, so unfortunately you won't be able to convince me. Hopefully we can finally meet up at a race soon though!

  2. I have a No Doubt concert that day! Ah, shoot...can't run the insane trail marathon (insane in a good way).

    Gnaw Bone, IN is just up 65 from where I live...I'll wait for your report and check into that one next year.

  3. Good luck on your quest! In my book you get bonus points for trail marathons. They're tough. A friend of mine once called them "raw and honest." YEAH!

    - Dean

  4. Hey Steph! Any travel details? Like nearest airport? Airlines that fly into that airport? Any idea what the weather would be like?

    I could potentially do that weekend. My work week would end around noon the preceding Thursday. 800+ mile road trip if I drive. I could shoot for a Walmart in Indianapolis (or crash at one of my brothers' homes in Cincinnati) Thursday night and drive the rest of the way Friday. Reverse my tracks Saturday afternoon and arrive home Sunday. Doable, but insane.

    GAS BILL ................................................... $200