Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Need advice!!! STAT!

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I'm a marathon-a-holic (chorus: "helllooooo Stephanie")

Ok... does ANYBODY know ANYTHING about the Dances with Dirt Marathon in BARABOO??? I know there is a lot out there about the other ones (Hell, MI, etc.) but I need to know about Baraboo on July 11th.

Ok I know JUST 2 days ago I said break until San Fran but being the addict that I am I have an ongoing spreadsheet of upcoming marathons and the airfare to get there. Yes, it's sad but I'm in finance so I use that as an excuse to find an inappropriate number of uses for excel spreadsheets-- and the price for the flight went WAY down (gotta love Wednesdays when you're looking for flights!). Anyways!... This is all I know about DWD Baraboo..

1) It was rained out last year! Yes that's right RAINed out! Its a trail marathon (I believe) and the rain washed away the trails orrrrr something... IDK
2) Not one maniac has it on their list (bad sign? good sign? scary sign? sign pointing left?)
3) It looks like a kick-butt marathon... literally I attached the elevation chart below AND they tell you that you may get lost and the only downside they address is "It may take longer to finish"-- AWEEEESOMEE!

Now... what I need to know...
1) Will it count toward my 50 states??? (It doesn't say anything about being certified but that wasn't a problem for counting Hatfield-McCoy so I'm guessing its ok???)
2) Is ANYBODY running this race? Is it still on? I know there are other races at the same time
3) Is this a good race??? Any trail runners out there? Anybody doing the ultra??
... If you have anything leave a comment or send me an email.


  1. JUST REST! I know its hard but just wait till San Fran

  2. hi, new to your blog! I have no answers to any of your questions, but I think this is an awesome goal you are trying to achieve! I hope to do the 50 in 50 states, but I'm giving myself another 23 years (till I'm 50)!! I can't wait to follow your blog and read about this adventure!

  3. oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, check out It's relatively new, but it's full of marathon (and other distance) race reviews...may help you search out some more marathons!

  4. As far as it counting towards 50 States, the course need not be certified. The race director just needs to make a good-faith effort to ensure the course is at least 26.2 miles. Knowing those hard-core "trailheads", I think the chances of it being "short" is slim-to-none.

    Any idea what airfare runs? I'm itching for another event. My left knee has been bothering me since Tuesday. I "curbside consulted" a local orthopod and it sounds like I may have synovitis, which would be much better than a trashed knee joint.

    What's the time limit on this race? :)