Thursday, May 1, 1997

Sacco's Vermont City Race Ratings!!!

Sacco Vermont City Race Rating!!!
**May's Race Review of the Month**

Overall Race Rating (Weighted): 5/5

(Average Rating: 4.75)
~ I really enjoyed this experience, it felt much more personal than other races I've participated in!

Oraganization: 5/5
~Packet pick up was easy. Getting to the start was a little confusing, I knew where it was, but was unsure where to line up (which side of the start banner).

Course: 5/5
~Loved it!! Beautiful course. I did notice that medical support persons were on bikes along the course, this was nice. Better than one tent at the half way point and finish only.

Spectators: 5/5
~Super friendly locals, there was great crowd support and where there was not a crowd there were beautiful views to take in.

Pace Groups: DNE

Expo: 4/5
~Expo was in a small space, but had the essentials. re a decent price too! I know they also had a foot rub station that MB took advantage of!!!

Chip Time: 4:46:25
Overall: 1838/2410
Age: 118/158

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