Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Erie Presque Isle Marathon (#14)... Race RUNdown

It's another back-to-back week for Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge. I'll be heading to PA (Erie Presque Isle) then to CO (Boulder Backroads Marathon). We'll start with PA and when I catch my breath after the marathon, I'll post up me RUNdown for CO!

Inspiration Points...
1. The Cincinnati Galloway group will be sending a large contingency to run the race... ROAD TRIP! Apparently I'm in the boys van (with 1 other girl)... or the "Testosterone Train" as they're calling it-- Pray for me.
2. There is a catchphrase for the Erie Marathon: " We have met the enemy and they are ours". (Thanks Dave C.) Nice huh? If you can tell me the meaning behind that and how it relates you will get 5 COOL points*!!!
3. This are my last 2 marathons before I attempt my TRUE double... Sat/Sun Marathon in NH/ME in October (Yes, I'm out of my mind).
*Cool points to be redeemed in the form of virtual high-fives from Stephanie

Race RUNdown...
Erie Presque Isle Marathon
Registration Fees: $40 to $50 early ($60 late)
When: Sunday September 13, 2009
Where: Erie, PA
Year Running: 15
2009 Expected Field: 520+ (current registrations)
...Females: 212
...Age Group: 18
2008 Field: 410 Finishers
... Females: 141
... Age Group: 13
2008 Avg. Finish Time: 4:28:17
*Unpredictable* is the word I see most often to describe this race. I've seen lows and highs galore, and last year this was a bit of humidity. Currently we're looking at a low of 58 and a high of 73. We're starting to get to the "cool weather months" where races can start later, however there is always the possibility of getting a hot spell. This may be one of those times. We'll see...

~ This course is FLAT as a pancake!
~ 2 loop course around the Lake... should be a scenic one (if I could only remember marathons after I finish...)

Race 411:
~WATER stations EVERY mile!
~People boast about the long sleeve micro-fiber shirt! I hope its a good one this year, and I'm hoping they're still going long sleeve. I LOVE long sleeve tech T's.
~This is a very quiet, low key race. I'm starting to get used to these so it's not so bad. Hopefully I'll keep a pace where there are still people around me for most of the race.
~Very few spectators! That's ok because the few you do see... you'll be seeing twice! (loop course)

Race Plan:
I'll actually be running using galloway splits with Dave C. from our Cincinnati group. I've raced using galloway splits 1 time before and definitely PR'd, but I felt like I could only push myself so far. I believe Dave's plan is 3:41 Run with 0:30 walk. He has all the math figured out... I'm just going along for the ride. Could this be a possible solution to my leg cramps??? We shall seeeee....


  1. you're a superstar. good luck this weekend :)

  2. A double!!! Ohhh baby! You're awesome.

    I hope Galloway works out for you. Good luck and have a GREAT race!

  3. Funny I just found a Galloway book at the Goodwill yesterday.

    Good luck.. I will add your races to my HIGH Five Friday..