Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter/Spring 2009 Marathons

I am signed up (and currently in training) for the Disney Marathon (FL) on January 11, 2009. My mom ("Mary", "Marybeth", "MB", or "Crazy Lady") will be joining me for this marathon. It is the second full marathon we have done together-- although we will not actually be running together. I believe this is her 12th marathon??? I'll check on that.

Also, Carey Beth ("CB") will be completing her FIRST marathon at Disney. She has been training very hard and expects to make GREAT time and finish her first marathon strong!

In addition I should note that I've been training to "qualify." In crazy marathoner terms this mean "qualify for Boston," Aka the Boston Marathon. To get into this marathon you need to hit a certain pace-- as a 23 Year old female this time is 3:40. I would like to make this time in this marathon or the next one I have planned, which brings me to....

Upcoming/Potential Marathons
~ Mardi Gras Marathon~ February 1, 2009
~ ING Georgia Marathon~ March 29, 2009
~ Big D Marathon~ Dallas, TX ~ April 5, 2009
~ Country Music Marathong~ Nashville, TN ~ April 25, 2009
I hope to finish at least 2 of these (possibly 3) in the spring of 2009. It's time to pick up the pace on these marathons!!! Country music marathon is a definite since it will be the last spring I hope to be in Cincinnati. However, you can vote on the other 2 early spring marathons in the poll above!

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