Friday, February 25, 2011

Running in Wonderland!

No Cinderella in Blue..
Sleeping beauty, keep your pink
If I'm going to be a princess...
It's gonna be Tink!!!!

For the Disney Princess half marathon I'll be running dressed as Tinker Bell!!! Why Tink? She's little and feisty! I leave in the morning to head to the most magical place in the universe-- Disney World! I couldn't find an adult tinker bell costume so I found a little girls dress and turned it into a skirt. Creative huh? 

Since I need to do 23 miles on Sunday I'll run the full course then double back 5 miles each way. So if you're out on the course keep an eye out for a little person dressed in green and wings! 

A BIG thank you to Track Shack in Orlando, FL for letting me into the race after it was closed out! And another HUGE thank you to Arctic Ease for flying me down to be part of this fun event. 

Oh and for those of you that are about to say "Stephanie, Tinker Bell isn't really a princess!" I say...Eat my pixie dust!!!


  1. Eat my pixie dust! Ha! That's hilarious! Love your outfit!

  2. CUTE outfit! I love the Disney princess - so much fun, loads of runners in fun costumes! Have a great race :)

  3. Very cute costume, she's a princess if you say she's a princess, fly Tink,fly.

  4. Love it! Have a blast out there, I can't wait to see the pics!