Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marathon Show Feature & US. v. UK!

If you don't follow the marathons show, you should-- for many reasons, but right now there is a heated match going on between the US's Marathon Show with Joe Taricani and the UK's Marathon Talk. Over the past week they have each posted pictures of well known runners doing their thing and people click "like" to vote. The US had an early lead, but we've come to a tie on the final day. The tie breaker is going on RIGHT NOW! So get on there and vote. Reasons to vote?

1) USA USA USA... and for you Canadians I love so much-- we're your neighbors, not them! 
2) The Marathon show is awesome and you should start downloading their free podcasts from ITunes
3) Once you've "liked" Marathon Talk you can get to know a little more about our UK runners-- esp. their crazy cross country races. 
4) If you're a Maniac (or just love the maniacs) the tie-breaking picture for the US is Maniac Prez Steven Yee!
5) The Marathon show is currently featuring your favorite crazy marathoner... ME! Joe does features on marathoners and yesterday he put up a little feature about me, found here. Thanks Joe!!!

How to Vote? 
1) and like their page, 2) open photo tab, 3)click on and open Ryder Cup tab, 4) IMPORTANT - Click on and open Steve Yee's photo, 5) LIKE the photo! Let's go USA!!

~Note: Don't let this confuse you (cause it did to me) but you're actually "LIKE"ing the Marathon TALK (UK show) and then it's a US picture in their Album. This is because their using the contest to get followers from each show to start following the other show. 

You should also "LIKE" the "Marathon SHOW" for fun. 

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