Sunday, February 13, 2011

1 State to Go!.... BOSTON BOUND!!!

Today I finished my 49th state at the Rock'n'Roll Mardi Gras Marathon on my quest to 50 marathons in 50 states by Boston 2011. I managed to catch all my flights, stay healthy, and finished every SINGLE marathon I signed up for (that was was run... thanks Myrle Beach '10). I'm all signed up for Boston and ready to go... now get here already!!!

Don't worry-- in the mean time I'll have at least another 4 to 5 marathons, including 1 or 2 double marathons weekends to keep us entertained. More on RnR MG tomorrow. I'm a tired girl! 


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One state to go and you're a 10 star maniac!!!!

  2. Glad you have stuff "to do" while you wait for Boston! LOL! You are so crazy girl! Can't wait to see you at Martian AND Boston!

  3. AWESOME!!! Do you ever nap!? Sleep in?!