Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Challenges...

... because clearly I don't have enough!!! My 2 main goals right now are to 1) finish up my 50 states (1 to go!) and train hard for Western States 100 in June. Due to training/mileage requirements and my inability to say "no" to people when they ask me if I want to run a race-or go anywhere for that matter- I've added a few challenges to keep it fun!

From next weekend going forward my training log requires me to run at LEAST a full marathon distance on Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday. So to keep it fun I like to mix it up and find new and interesting challenges to keep me entertained. What have I taken on now?

1) Spread My Wings! This weekend I'm running the Disney Princess Half marathon. Of course this isn't long enough so I'll be doing the half, then doubling back. Also... I'll be dressing up as Tinker Bell-- Wings and all!!!!

2) Double Trouble! I have 3 double "official" marathons/ultras. (I also have a number double marathon distance weekends that won't be official marathons). The doubles I have planned...
~Patriotic Double! ~ The National Marathon and Bataan Death March! ~ March 26-27
~Nash-inati Double! ~ Nashville CMM and Flying Pig Marathon ~ Apr 30-May1
~WS100 Memorial Day Training Weekend.... Day 1-30+, Day2-20, Day3-20! May 28-30
~Minnie Fun! (2 Minneapolis Marathons) ~ FANS 12 Hour and Minneapolis Marathon June 4-5

... Extra fun? I'd like to speed up my "double marathon" PR!

3) 50th State Celebration! In celebration of my 50th state I'll be running Boston dressed up in red, white, and blue-- including accessories! If you're going to be there keep an eye out for a patriotic crazy person!

4) Making Bet$! Coach Bob has made the foolish challenge of betting he can run a double marathon (CMM and The Pig) faster than me! When he loses he'll have to wear a running skirt-- shaved legs and all-- to our next group workout! Coach Bob~ consider this me officially calling you out... I'll be waiting at the finish of the pig with razor and skirt in hand. Looking forward to my victory party.

5) My First Relay! I'll be participating in my first ultra relay at the Ragnar Relay- Chicago with some Maniac buddies plus some new friends. It's a 200 miler split over either 12 or 6 people... we're in the "ultra" category because we're only using 6 people... that and we're kind of BAMFs!!!

So when people ask me how I don't get bored through all these races I guess I can say I have a lot on my mind considering all of the above. How do you keep your running exciting???

Happy Running,
"Fast girls have great times!" ~ Race Sign
"Run to Win" ~ Meb


  1. Have fun with Ragnar! It is an awesome time. It sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun. Don't forget pictures of you as Tinker Bell!

  2. Girl you are unstoppable! I can't wait to see how your races play out this year now that you're wrapping up 50 states and moving on to bigger, bad-@sser things! :)

  3. I love relays. They're so much fun. I've never done Ragnar but I'd like to put Ragnar Florida Keys on the list of "to-dos".

  4. Has Coach Bob lost his mind? What is he THINKING to take on the Mighty Steph?! Love the plans coming up!! But damn, you make me feel LAZY!