Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arctic Ease and Salute an Inspiring Runner!

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've been talking to a great company about working together. This company is Arctic Ease. I've mentioned this product before, but to sum it up they create Cryotherapy wraps and pads. "I don't speak science, Stephanie" you may be saying right now-- well, these are convenient to use cold wraps that conform to your body, stay at the perfect temperature, and comfortably provide cold therapy to any body part. I was first introduced to this wonderful new technology when I was at the Chicago Marathon in October. At the expo, they not only explained the product and gave it out, but they also offered to apply it on you and show you how to use the wraps! 

The best part? Convenience! When I get back from a run I'm usually rushing around to get ready and head back out the door. I don't have time to sit down and ice my injuries and sore muscles. Well, with Arctic Ease you can apply the wraps or pads and carry on with your day. They stay cold for hours and you don't have to worry about melting or water dripping all over you. Thanks to Arctic Ease I will be flying down next weekend to take part in the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!! 

AE Supports our Heroes! 
Besides creating a great product, Arctic Ease has done a feature on a young military vet who, while in service, suffered debilitating injuries but has fought back to overcome adversity and complete the Philadelphia Marathon in 2010. This is a clip of the article released by AE... 

"I met this person in 2009, shortly after I had relocated and moved into the Arctic Ease facility.  He had recently been discharged from the US Marine Corp with a 60% disability after suffering a debilitating injury while deployed in Djibouti at the ripe old age of 19 1/2 and honorably discharged after four years of service for our country at 22. He was told he would not have the use of his right shoulder, run again, lift weights again and would spend the balance of his life in extreme pain.  Thus the life that he knew and the things he enjoyed (e.g. being a gym rat) ended in a split second." 

For the full article and video please click... here.

Brian Johnson not only inspires other runners by coming back and completing the Philly Marathon, but he also works at AE, supporting other runners at trade shows and expos. If you'll be at the Disney Princess, so will Brian! So stop by the Arctic Ease stand to say hello, congratulate and thank an inspiring young vet. 

See you all at Disney Princess Half Marathon next weekend! Until then I'll be at the HMRRC Winter Marathon tomorrow in Albany, NY for another training run. 

Happy Running,
"Run to Win"- Meb
"Fast Girls Have Great Times!" -Marathon Sign

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  1. I think I need to get one of those b/c I am always too busy running around to ice properly.

    Have fun at the winter marathon!