Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wrapping up this Months Marathon of Marathons

This month has been a little bit of a challenge with 4 marathons/ultras in 4 weeks. That wouldn't be so bad, but the first 2 were my fastest 2 marathons to day (RnR Seattle and Foot Traffic Flats)-- meaning more recover needed, but most definitely not taken. The 3rd was my 50-miler and the 4th is coming up this weekend in.... Okoboji, Iawa!!! I know, I know-- please try not to be too jealous! No worries though, this is just a normal marathon distance and I hope 26.2 feels a heck of a lot easier after 50! After this I have a whole 2 weeks off then MT then ALASKA!

The past 3 weekend have done a number on me and active recovery was most definitely required if I was going to run again this weekend. Here are some of my remaining issues/injuries/general "ouchies" and how I've been working to recover...

1) Upper Quad Pain/Strain- Last weekend put a number on my quads with so much trail running. I'm not a trail runner and haven't mastered the art of running DOWNhill on trails easily without killing myself. I'm too concerned with tripping over all the rocks on the twists and turns that I definitely pull back, which can seriously trash your quads from the pounding. I'm usually a good downhill runner on roads... trails are a whole new world.
Current: There is still a little soreness, but it feels more like a leftover bruise rather than a real pain.
Recover: The first 2 days I did some elliptical and some running to try and stretch them out. I took yesterday off and I'll do some biking/running today to hopefully finish getting the knots out. I've also been using a heat pack on them before running to try and give them a little more flexibility.

2) Heat Exhaustion?: I was definitely a little ill after the 50-miler and I felt like I couldn't get enough liquids in/couldn't cool myself down for about 24 hours.
Current: I'm feeling much better now
Recovery: Drinking a LOT and staying out of the sun-- not that I have a choice at work! I S/B getting a lot of rest as well-- but I haven't been doing a great job at that. Tonight (2 night before the race) is the most important, so I'll be sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour... reasonable enough. :)

3) Poison Ivy oak sumac Something Itchy: I still have some of the poison w/e on me. It doesn't exactly resemble poison ivy as I've had it about a million times in my life.
Current: I have some patches left on my legs, but it's off my face (thank god) and my arms are pretty clear.
Recovery: I AM trying to get rid of it because it itches while I run, esp when I sweat and that could get annoying during the race... not to mention it's kind of unsightly. I'm just using calamine lotion and ice packs-- I spent a month on steroids last month between poison ivy and teeth issues, so I would prefer not to go back on them if I don't have to!

4) Feet/Knees: As you saw earlier this week, these were a little banged up... My knees more from landing on rocks and my feet from-- well running my whole life.
Current: My feet will never be normal and I've accepted that. My knees? The swelling is gone and the bruising. There are a few battle scars still on there, but that makes me look BA for this weekends race!
Recovery: Not much I can do here for active recovery, but I may be able to help my feet. One of the runners in the 50-miler suggested those Injinji socks with body glide underneath. I have to pick up a pair and see if that helps. Also-- I'm hoping to get a pedicure to help the damage done so far. Who thinks Iowa will have a nail place? Hmmm...

For your entertainment: My trail running picture... I've decided that I either look...
1) Bad @$$
2) Girly as hell--who wears that much pink?? Note both my water bottle AND my spy belt are that obnoxious bright pink. And I really didn't plan all this.
3) Blind... In this picture my racing glasses look really weird.

Gearing Up!
Okoboji this weekend means some "mild tapering"-- I'll only run about 6 tonight with an easier 4-5 tomorrow. The race is on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be able to get some recovery miles in on Sunday. I'm trying to drink plenty of water as well. Now... to figure out exactly what people do in Okoboji Iowa. Hmmm...

Happy Running!
"Run to Win" - Meb


  1. Sounds like you are in decent enough shape to run another marathon... since you are not mortal! Have a great trip!! Hope the itchies go away.

  2. Good luck with the recovery and the next run. I'm super impressed with all your marathoning.
    Ali Miller (formerly of UC/Kelts)

  3. Believe it or not there are nail places in Iowa! In case you are wondering the number 1 thing I would say people do in Okoboji is go to the lake to boat/swim/fish. Yes, I have been there a number of times :) Good luck this weekend!

  4. I'm gonna go with bad@$$ on the picture.