Friday, July 9, 2010

LaBron Who? And "It's Ok... I'm a Runner..."

Basketball V. Running
The biggest news in sports right now is LaBron's move to Miami v. the Cavs. Basketball is really the one prof sport I could care less about. I've never been close enough to a team to really get into them and they all seem like such big babies anyways. So as everybody's facebook status constantly changed about this "heated debate" over LaBron's choosing-- some outraged, some excited-- I see one in the middle of it all-- MB's! And of course it had to do with running...

MB: I am sooo glad i don't have to pick Miami, New York, Cleveland etc... to run for!!!! I run for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AV (Aunt Vicki): That should be the next Nike commercial!
MB: Thanks vick you should be my agent!
TC: whens ur next press conf abour ur choice of next marathon
MB: ill do it now next marathon will be................IOWA... it was such a hard decis, i couldn t sleep all night
AV: No more comments, my client needs to rest. She will be making a formal announcement regarding her next marathon immediately following the completion of Iowa. This will be a 10 minute statement, followed by no more than five (5) follow up questions. Watch it live on ESPN3. :)

... Once again proving just how stupid some of these professional sports can get and just how free and easy running  is! Also proving that I get my complete wackiness from MB.

It's Ok... I'm a Runner:
The more I run, the more I find myself allowing my running needs to bypass some social norms in society. I started thinking about this the other day when my friends saw my toes and literally lept away like they were going to attack them. My response was "yeah, but I'm a runner-- so it's ok." Really? Really, it's ok that your toes are black, bloody, missing nails, and look like they're about to fall off? That's "OK"? Not that I have much of a choice in the matter-- if I got a pedicure after every marathon I'd be way poor! So I started thinking of the other things that I allow myself to do/say/be and when people look at me funny I write it off to being a runner...

1) Toes (above)- They're always gross, and as MB pointed lately, they're sorrrrrt of curled under like bird talons. I think it's cool because it helps me grip the ground and go faster... but I guess they aren't exactly pretty enough to be seen in public.

2) Anti-Social! I noticed last Friday night that all the facebook activity going on were all my marathoning friends and non of my non-marathon friends. Of course, since I was checking facebook, I was obviously home resting as well. We're runners! We have long runs/races on Saturday mornings! We can't be expected to go out and drink the night before! Staying in on the weekends?... I'm a runner.... so it's ok!

3) A Hot Mess! My house is a danger zone of running equipment. If you were to walk into my apt right now you would likely trip over several pairs of running shoes, get tangled up in wire for my Garmin and walkman, and get impaled by my leg roller-- and this is just the front living room. Not to mention the water bottles/glasses of electrolyte drink everywhere. Oh and a drawer dedicated to JUST running paraphernalia-- Gel packs, headbands, fuel belt bottles, tape, etc. This is stuff I use everyday so it needs to be out! And I find it ok... because I'm  a runner!

4) Personal Habits! Runners have 0 issues with discussing our ummm bathroom needs and sometimes we forget who we're talking to. I'm sorry, but that is a major topic in my day so I can be sure when I go out for a 20-miler with no port-a-johns along the way, I'll be ok. If it's going to avoid an emergency situation then it's important enough to me to discuss. And if anybody has a problem with it, I totally blame the running thing! Speaking of...

5) Does a Bear? Yeah sometimes we have to make #1 or #2 in the woods! We go on long runs with no stops and get ungodly cramps that really give us no choice but to go in the woods... or go in our pants! If you're driving along and see a runner coming out of the woods with no trail... give them a break and look the other way. It's bad enough we have to watch out for poison ivy, let along onlookers! When I mention my pit-stops my friends look at me like I'm about to run to the corner of the room and drop my drawers right there... I'm 97% sure I won't!

6) Gluttony! I LOVE to eat! It's my favorite thing to do... even more than running a marathon, I love to eat! I can eat whatever I want and I can eat as often as I want and if anybody says anything about my "should be obese ways" I can point to the 37 marathon medals in my room and say "its ok... I'm a runner!"
50-State Prep T-1 Day:
I haven't slept well all week and I'm bouncing off the walls with nerves and excitement. I'll post more tonight about the race. Oh also-- I'm going to try and keep my phone in one of my drop bags and I'll try to make facebook updates on my status. If you suddenly see a stop in status updates-- call 911! If you're not friends with me already but want to see my updates (yeah starting at 6:30, but it will be at LEAST 8-9 hours so you can catch up) just friend me here.


  1. i love your description of the mess 'o' running gear! our place is stuffed w/ running shoes and drying clothes & boxes of gels!!

  2. Very funny, and true! By the way.. if you finish in 8-9 hours, you'll be finished long before me! Now I'm getting nerves too!

  3. Good luck at your 50-miler. All of your I'm a runner comments are so true!

  4. Ohhh the things we (try to) get away with because we are runners! Too funny and so true!

    GOOD LUCK AT THE 50!!!

  5. Love the list and about the toes? I wear mine like a badge of honor! (Is that sad?)

    Good luck tomorrow!

  6. I love that I was one of the friends in those many conversations we had about your running. But really and truly we act like we are surprised at all this stuff but really its more jealousy that you do something so cool like marathoning!

    Good luck at the the 50 and Ill be waiting with a beer for you at the bachelorette party!

  7. Good luck with your 50!!

    Awesoem post!! I love all the statements because each one is so true! I had my first experience with #5 over the weekend and caught myself bragging about in a way. lol And it was to a group of non-runners. Oops.

  8. Good luck and start not to fast!.
    A good ultra runner start slow and try to have a good speed at the end.
    Good luck.

  9. LOVE your blog! I'm from Cincinnati too (well, Mason) and found you when I was looking for info on the Flying Pig. Definitely feeling you on the missing toenails. I was proud when I first lost one. :)

  10. I laughed out loud when I read this. My toenails are nasty and falling off. I forget that when I talk to nonrunners that they don't talk about the bathroom habits or chaffing. Hilarious!