Thursday, July 29, 2010

Running is Bad for Me? WRONG-- Resting is Bad for Me!!!

Not too many updates lately because there haven't been too many races lately. These are my 2 non-marathon weekends and it's not easy! Last weekend was nice to stay in town and see friends, but now I'm getting a little antsy.

I'm often lectured on how "bad" it must be for me to be doing so many marathons in 1 year. The most recent gripe being from a trainer at the gym who told me I am "too skinny" and no longer had muscle-- that my arm was a "bone with a hump on it." Silly people-- if you only knew. Races keep me busy and keep me from getting hurt either physically or financially!

Case 1) When I don't race I have pent up energy. What do I do with said energy? A lot of grocery shopping (slash eating)-- and when I was at the grocery store this week I managed to drop a can of veggies from my cart RIGHT onto my pointer toes. I thought for sure it had broken and immediately started thinking of ways to cut the front of my sneakers so I could still run if the toes had to be put in a splint or something. Fortunately it was just a bad bruise and it bled a little-- but really, can you make my toes any uglier than they are already?? No sir!

No worries- I've already run on it. It was uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn't "tune out."

Case 2) My name is Stephanie and I'm a race-a-holic. When I'm not racing, all I'm thinking about is the next race, and how very far away it is. I have a spreadsheet of my marathons (yep grade A dork here!) and I probably look at it (no joke) 20-30 times a day. So what do I do? I sign up for MORE marathons. And lately they've been in states I've already completed!!! My last race was what?... 1 week ago. Since then I've signed up for...

MN- Walker/North Country Races
CT- Bimbler's Bluff 50K
and I've committed to...
NC- Thunder Road Marathon and possibly...
WV- Marshall University Marathon or IN Veterans Marathon.

All of those and all the travel gets to be Mucho $$... mucho not cool! What am I made of money?? No Sir! I'm mad of sugar and spice and everything BadA$$!

Sigh-- so nothing too wonderful to report. I'm going on a 13 mile run tonight just to exhaust myself a little. Speedwork tomorrow then another non-marathon weekend ahead. :( Next Race? The H.U.R.L 50K in middle of nowhere Montana! I'll be the first person from OH to ever run that race... cool, huh?

Happy Running... and if you're racing I DON'T want to hear about it, and no I don't care how childish that sounds! :(
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. Get this bada$$ some races please! I think you're the bomb!

  2. awesome post. You're awesome!

  3. I totally understand. The time between races that is all I am doing... researching races and booking travel. I'm pretty much booked for the next year.

    You're awesome!!

  4. Hi Steph, you motivate me everytime I read your blog. Good luck in HURL!

    Hill aka 'I do it for the ice cream' :)

  5. Love the post. Of all the things you could be addicted to...

  6. Just for your information, you would love the Veteran's Marathon in Indiana - the first half is OK, but the second half is all rolling hills. It's a small race, but fun (I ran it last year, which was its first year) and the jacket you get for participating is pretty cool.

  7. I think this is a pretty good addiction. :)

  8. There are a lot worse things you can do in your spare time besides signing up for 50k's.

  9. But resting is training and not always bad!.
    And running marathons is no problems, i like that to!.
    You can ultrarunning like the 50km,60km,100km ore 6 houre,12 houre ore 24 houre run!.

    I hope to do the 100miles beach run in Holland(dutch)it is the larges beach run off the world, but you must run faster than 9;30 houre on the 100km ore 200km on the 24 houre run!.
    And thats to fast for me!!!.

    Have a nice run time.