Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50 Mile Gear Up and Some Clarifications

50 Mile Prep, T-4 Days in Counting:
This weekend is going to be my first 50-miler! Since I ran 2 hard marathons in a row these past 2 weekends
my legs are feeling a little lead-ish and I took yesterday off and did a lot of icing and stretching. I know people usually don't run the week leading up to an ultra but I like to get my miles/training in so somehow I'm going to find a balance between rest/recover and training.

Post-race: Yesterday I actually wasn't feeling too bad. I had an opportunity to take  advantage of the hot tub at our hotel after the race and I think that helped a lot. I was also in the pool most of the day yesterday so it was kind of like an ice bath. My hip has been bothering me a little and (for women especially) that can lead to big issues while running. It almost feels as if it's been pulled out of it's socket and needs to be held together. This past weekend I tried to shorten my stride so I wouldn't pull it any further. I've also been doing a lot of stretching and icing.

Foot Traffic is a BQ heaven!
I just saw the official results of this weekends race and I was SHOCKED at the number of BQ's! Remeber how I told you the women just seemed SO fast?... I was running a pace I should have been medaling for in a race that small, but there were still a ton of women in front of me. Well I was right, they were fast! I just calculated it out and nearly 24% of the runners made BQ times at the race!!! I've never been a fan of flat races but I guess other people love their flat! 21% of women made BQ and I only made 14th of the 189. In my age group? 4th! But, I'm not too dissapointed because 1st 2nd and 3rd were SO much faster-- I would have needed a very serious PR to keep up with them!

There has been a lovely person "nice" posting comments on my blog (and sometimes deleting them) and I wanted to make a few clarifications...
1) If you don't agree with what somebody writes on a blog, there is a very simply solution.... don't read it! Orrrr email me instead of using a hidden profile you made up and we can discuss your questions further.
2) In a recent post (scroll 2 down) I never mentioned anything about people walking... at all actually. MB does not use a run/walk method but I do know a lot of people who are Galloway runners (run/walk) who are very very fast-- this is just another method of taking on a race. I need to walk every couple of miles for about 10 seconds toward the end of races just to get my legs un-cramped, regardless of the speed. Just because somebody needs to do a little walking does not mean that they're not giving it their all. If they choose to walk MOST of the second half of a race and they are (and here's the key word) capable of running... that may be a different story.
3) If you think shoving somebody is something people should be allowed to do in marathons due to differences in opinion... you need to get your marathon etiquette in check.
4) If you believe that people should take marathons easy and not put any effort into training... well I'm sorry you're not training to your potential, but that doesn't mean others shouldn't be encouraged to do so.
--If you need anything further my email address an be located above in the nav bar and is an easy 1-click sysem! For now, this is my blog and my opinion so any further posts will be blocked. Thank you.


  1. I hope those legs are feeling good for the big 50. You are a MACHINE, woman! :)

  2. wow I have been missing a lot. I can not wait to hear about your 50 miler. I was hopeful to do one in October but after this weekend I'm not sure I'd have the support I'd need to 1) train for 2) complete it. Oh well, I will live vicariously through you for now!

  3. Good luck for your 50-miler! WOW!!!
    What's the deal with women running and their hips? I have been feeling a certain something about my hip and my lowerest back area (like the tail bone area) - as if I need to pop it or something. Is there something that can be done?

  4. I really enjoy reading your opinions. They are from an experienced and well thought out perspective. Thank you for sticking to your guns and being honest with us! Can't wait to hear about the 50 miler!