Monday, December 13, 2010

Marathon Picks and RazzyRoo Give-a-Way!

Hopefully everybody had a great weekend of races and long training runs (some of us twice)... and if you're in the my area a very snowy one! 

More Marathons!
I'm quite often asked "What are you going to do when you're done with your 50 states? Are you going to miss traveling to all of them?" Well I would, except I'm not quite finished! I have a few more to do because MB ("Mom," "Mary Beth," "Crazy Lady," etc) is also doing the states and will be about a dozen behind me when I finish at Boston. I will be going back to redo some states that she has missed. Also, most of you know I am trying to do all my marathons in under 4 hours so I can be part of the 50 Sub 4 club. That's not a terribly hard task, but I have had a number of races that I haven't made this goal due to... double marathon weekends, pacing other people, sickness, and generally very very difficult (high altitude) races. This is where all you crazy marathoners come in. I need suggestions on "Must Do" marathons in the following states...

Need LOW elevation and/or fast courses for the following...

Non trail / Not OVERLY tough courses

ANY Marathons/Ultras...
AL, KY, GA, SC, SD, 

RazzyRoo Give-A-Way!!!
I posted yesterday about how much I love these RazzyRoo Headbands. I will definitely be adding these to my "Runners Christmas List- 2010." Well Cheryl from RazzyRoo has been kind of to let me play early Santa and give away a few RazzyRoos in time for Christmas! I will be picking a winner and sending these THREE headbands! 

These would make excellent stocking stuffers-- and guys? We'll let you take FULL credit when you give these to your wife or daughters. 

How do you ENTER INTO THE DRAWING?? There are a few ways...

1) Follow my blog (let me know you follow) ~ 1 Entry
2) Post the give-a-way on your blog/facebook/twitter (let me know) ~ 1 Entry
3) Cheered/Ran with/Met up at... any of my marathons~ 1 Entry per race!
4) Recommended a marathon! I've listed above, states I need recommended races for. Give me a race and a reason why you recommend it and you'll get 1 Entry per state
5) "Like" Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge facebook page ...  found HERE!

Please note I'll be allowing anonymous comments. If you're posting anonymously please leave your name and email address so I know who to give the entry points to!!! 

***The Drawing will be held Friday Morning!!!!***

Happy *Snowy* Running,


  1. tweet, tweet -!/imccampbell

  2. Check out the newly named Oz Marathon
    This used to be the ever popular Olatha Marathon which is now renamed as the Oz Marathon. Run through street and paved trail sections and great support in years past.

    if you are looking for an Ultra..Brew to Brew relay is a blast as well!

  3. Hello!

    CO doesn't really have any low altitude marathons...but this one is a fast one since it is net downhill.


  4. Not sure if you want a fast course that is mostly flat in Georgia or not but in March we will be having the Snicker's Marathon in Albany, Georgia. It is a really fast course and here's the website for your review The registration for the full is only $70 until December 31 and then it goes up to $80.

  5. Marathons in GA, let's see... There are a couple in the Atlanta area if you like bigger races. The Atlanta Marathon will be a new race this year - $55 if you register before 12/31. The race is October 30. There is also the Georgia Marathon which is late March. Both of those are fairly hilly.

    I ran the Chickamauga Marathon this past October which got great ratings from Runner's World. It is a very small race which I liked, not a lot of crowd support because of the logisitics. It was essentially flat/small rollers.

    I have also heard great things about the Soldier Marathon in Fort Benning (October) and then there will be the inaugural RnR in Savannah in October as well. Maybe one of those would fit in the schedule :)

  6. I follow your blog on my Wordpress reader!

    (BTW - I got a big kick out of your White Rock recap. I'm from Dallas and had a lot of friends who ran that. I even heard some complain of the 'hills.' LOL ... and yes, Texans love any excuse to party!)

  7. I think I'm already a follower but I NEED those headbands. Since I'm the only chick in triathlon and running who rocks a full bang, wearing a hat to hold them back gets old and not very girly. I would love to have those inch and a half headbands to hold back the bangs.

    Love your blog!!!

  8. Come to Maine!!!! Maine Marathon in Portland, ME in October...beautiful and easy course.

  9. I follow...religiously! You are one amazing chick!

  10. I'm a follower, love to read about your races!

  11. Tulsa OK is a very low key good Marathon!!! I would recommend it- Late Nov Race. Very well put together.

  12. Alabama: Check out Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham (it's a double loop...not sure how you feel about that but well organized--good on course support, friendly volunteers and usually good swag with a cool medal) or the Oak Mountain 50K trail race (just outside of Birmingham in Oak Mountain state park). Mercedes is Valentines weekend, not sure about the scheduling of that race.

  13. meant to say not sure about scheduling of Oak Mountain!

  14. Missoula is the best choice for Montana. It's relatively flat (but not too flat) and low elevation (3400 feet).

    The best choice for Wyoming is Casper (5000 feet, but not too hilly).

    St. George is a good choice for Utah (5000+ at the start, buy VERY downhill).

    Finally Ft. Collins and Rock N Roll Denver are both reasonable choices for Colorado.

    All the other states should be easy for you.
    (MM 2629)

  15. Stephanie, they give away the Snicker's Energy bars and things like that. The other thing that is neat about the race is, it is the kick-off for our Mardi Gras party that they shut off most of downtown for and if you run in either the full or half, you get into the party for free. It really is a neat, small town race. I'm doing the half again in 2011 and will be running the full in 2012.

  16. wow holy moly - I would not be able to motivate for the journey you are undertaking. Good for you!! :) I have no recs for any of the states you listed, but I'm a follower. The headbands look super cute!

  17. I love me some headbands! I'm a follower!

  18. Recommendation: TORONTO

    Okay, so it's a PROVINCE, niot a state... but you need to start crossing those provinces off sooner or later. We have one in MAY or OCTOBER.

    Another reason? HANG WITH MARLENE and other awesome canucks... EH!?!?

  19. I already like you AND your FB page. ;)

  20. I think I ran with you in Chicago--did not meet you though darn it!

  21. I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  22. I like your Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge Facebook page.

  23. I posted the giveaway on Facebook

  24. I want in! I'm a follower, and I ran with you in Kansas!

  25. Oh and I can recommend for you the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins, it consistently has the highest percentage of BQ times for any marathon in Colorado. And I know the race director and she's awesome, but that in no way influences my recommendation... Do I get another entry into the prize drawing for that? Oh and while I'm at it, run the Casper WY marathon for a fast WY one, and of course St. George UT and the Logan UT marathons are fast.