Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Miles and WS Training Week 3

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Boxing Day to my Canadian followers! I hope you all got everything on your running wish lists. It was an especially very Merry Christmas for me as I made my yearly mileage goal of 2010 miles in 2010 on Christmas day! (Merry Christmas to me! ... now go run more!) Of those 2010 miles, about 750 were marathon/ultra races with the remaining being relentless training runs anywhere from 3 to 20 miles. I know this isn't a lot compared to you ultra runners, but it's definitely the most I've done.

This was my LAST goal remaining for this year so I've checked all my New Years goals... of course there will be new ones for 2011 posted this week.

WS 100 Training ~ Week 3 *Drop Down Week*
This is my 3rd week of Western States100 Training and it's my first "drop down week"-- meaning, this will be the least amount of miles I'm scheduled to put in until race week! My full schedule is listed in an older post (found here.) Since my 3rd week required a few less miles on my "long run" days, I was able to get a little higher intensity during the week, including longer weight training. Here is what week 3 looked like...
H-Hills   WT-Weight Train   SP- SpeedWork   E-Endurance   HR- Hill Repeats
Notes/Thoughts: This was a much more low-key week, but coming off a 14 and 10 miler Saturday and Sunday last week, the continued workouts with high intensity and little rest, lead to some great endurance building. Of course each workout is run with a goal in mind... speed, endurance, hill maintenance, etc all to help with my upcoming races and to get me ready for WS100!  

Coming Up...
This is my last weekend withOUT a race for a long while! I have marathons/ultras planned starting next weekend and going for at LEAST 6 weeks! I'll be working in the marathon with my endurance long runs on my WS100 schedule. Some weekend may be longer than scheduled, but hey, more miles will just make Western States that much easier... right? ummm right! 

Bloggy Fun! I have a number of FUN posts coming up this week, including...
-2010 Goals Recap!
-BEST Medals of 2010-- Marathon Edition
-BEST Courses of 2010-- Marathon Edition
-Best Shirts of 2010
-And finally.... Best OVERALL Marathon of 2010!
-2011 New Year, New Goals!
-Dallas White Rock and Philadelphia Marathon race Reports (sorry, sorry... I know how late these are!)

So look forward to some great posts coming up this week!

Inspiration Corner
If you haven't already read this months Runners World edition, get your hands on it ASAP! Got a long indoor,  BORING run or workout? Bring the mag along with you and read the article "The Turning Point." This article is written very well and the story is exciting, but what drew my attention most was the attitude of the highlighted runners. Each comes to a point where they have to find motivation to push themselves harder when their bodies are screaming at them. As Coach Nathan would say about running... "Nobody said it was gonna tickle"-- amen!

Just for Fun....
For WS100 I'm going to need a headlamp to run into the night... you know, unless I'm able to finish it in world record time and finish before the sun goes down (don't get your hopes up people... It ain't happening!). So for Xmas I asked for a headlamp. My Aunt Terri (also featured in my Alaskan Marathon posts) gave me the headlamp against her better judgement as she is now sure I will NEVER get married wearing things like this. Hey, married, or not, at least I won't get eaten by a bear because I'm lost in the woods! 
Me and my new toy!

Happy Running!
"Run to Win" - Meb

Worried about getting injured? Need a boost in speed to hit a PR? Ask yourself... "Have I done my strength training today?!?"


  1. Yay on 2010 miles! I asked for (and received) a headlamp for Christmas as well - from my brother-in-law...pretty sure they all think I'm even more crazy than they originally thought!

  2. congrats on making 2010 miles! I look forward to your "coming up" posts!

  3. Wow. You're an inspiration.
    From MM #3281

  4. Yay for your new toy! I love my headlamp...and I was resistant to using one, until I realized I have to when I do my 100. You make the headlamp look so cute, too!

    Congrats on 2,010!

  5. I got a headlamp and a flashlight for Christmas. Guess I need to get some running done in the dark too. Happy holidays!