Thursday, February 18, 2010

SC FAIL and NY ALMOST half-way there!

South Carolina = FAIL!
Last weekend I was unable to complete my South Carolina  marathon as the race was cancelled due to "bad weather." (see picture below of the oh so ominous weather conditions).

I'm happy that this happened in early 2009 as I still have a chance to run the race again next year (if I choose to take my chances) before my goal time to complete the 50 states. Running 2 to 3 marathons a month, you're likely to miss one either by your own faul (missed planes, injury, sickness) or by the fault of the race (cancelled, time issues, etc.). I'm hoping this is my 1 miss and I'll be good going forward (knock on wood!)

I'm a little UNhappy because this weekend is supposed to be my 25th state and we'll be having a "Halfway There" post-race party. Nowwww it will be my (Almost) Halfway There party.

New York Almost Halfway There!
I'll be making my way home for my 24th state--- New York!!!! I'm originally from the Albany area and the race is in Albany. This marathon is TINY with no medals or post race party, so we'll be making our own little post-race action! (more to come in my race RUNdown) If you're running the marathon or relay and would like to join let me know and I'll send you the flier!

I'm definitely excited to go home and have some serious spectators from my hometown and family! I have a good feeling that after this past weekend, Albany is going to be a great race, because....

"I’m from the empire state that’s
In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York..."

1 More thing! Suzy (who will also be participating in the Albany marathon on a relay) tagged me yesterday with this SuNsHiNe AwArD!
I guess it's my turn to tag 12 buddies that bring me sunshine with their blogs and leave them a comment, so here goes...

1) Marlene - My fav Canadian for always being so positive and happy-- and esp. for posting the Olympic medal count on her running blog!! GO USA! And go Canada for their first home gold medals!
2) Mel - For not going crazy while keeping track of a few hundred runners making their way to 1000 miles in 2010!
3) Heather - For sticking with her run this saturday following the cancellation of the Myrtle Beach half marathon.
4) Jill, Rick, Libby, Ewa, Emily, Shut Up and Run    for their kind words and support immediately following my Sat morning wake up call to NO snow and a cancelled marathon! I was bummed, but it was nice to have bloggie friends that were so encouraging! 
5) Marcia - For a great blog to follow and always being so encouraging!
6) B.O.B and Morgan - Yeah, I know I call them out all the time for hilarious run-blogging! They're going to start thinking I'm some sort of crazy run/blog stalker soon! Oh well-- still hilarious-- go read up!


  1. What a bummer that SC ruined your 'Half Way There' plans, but your ALMOST Half Way There party will be just as awesome, I'm sure! Have a fantastic time at your hometown race!

    Thank you so much for the Sunshine and your kind words. ;)

  2. Bummer on not quite getting to 25, but way to keep a good attitude!

  3. Blog Stalk away my dear I love your crazy marathon running @ss too! :) Thanks for the tag and GOOD LUCK this weekend! Now everytime I hear that song I will think of you! :)

  4. Nice, thanks for the sunny award! Good luck this weekend.

  5. Thank you so much my dear! Maybe my damn achilles can soak up all this sunshine and heal faster.
    Sorry about SC. I thought of you instantly.
    When is Albany? I am jonesing badly for a relay...

  6. Thanks for the sunshine :) Everytime I hear Empire State of Mind I think of the NYC Marathon that I really want to do this November! Good luck on #24 and enjoy the party :)

  7. Thanks for the tag girl!

    Ummm CAN NOT wait for Seattle! I am totally down for whatever blogfest fun develops. I also definitely have flying pig on my list. I think thats your home turf...I saw some of the race schwag from previous years and I am kind of sort of really easily persuaded by sweet gear!

  8. My parents live in SC and spoke of snow and crappy weather but I didn't realize it was THAT bad?! I thought runners ran in ANYTHING?!
    Especially the ones from NY.

    Good luck with your venture = 50 states. What a trek. I'm just shooting for one in May (only because the name is cute "Flying Pig").

  9. Bummer about SC. Your NY Marathon is going to be great. You will certainly enjoy having a cheering section.

    Enjoy your almost there 1/2 way party.

  10. Hey Steph! Great work and keep it up! Just a thought... when you're done with the 50 marathons in the US. Why not come to Canada and run the 10 provinces and three territories? Lots of great trails and roads!


  11. Thanks for your input on the tibialis! Sorry you had it but glad to know you bounced back from it so nicely! I too am thinking/hoping/praying it's not going to be as big a deal as originally thought.

  12. That's a bummer about your race. Your party will still be awesome! You are kicking serious butt!


  13. awww bum deal on SC. You totally ahve to make make medals for NY, that woudl be aweseome... wow look at my typing, I'm going to leave all those errors because I"m lazy