Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hotel Speedwork and Recovery!

Travel a lot?? Zipping around hotels and finding a hard time to get your miles in?? Well this week I'm in South Bend, IN! (woo hoo??). I knew I wouldn't be able to workout tomorrow so I made sure I was able to get in a solid run tonight.

No offense to you fighting Irish fans, but South Bend isn't the most exciting place in the world outside of football season (and probably doesn't change much during football season either). Knowing south bend, the weather would not be on my side and either would the safety of the streets, so I made sure to find a hotel with...

1) A decent workout room
2) A pool/spa area with a hot tub

The Deathmill and I are definitely becoming better friends!! I'm still not thrilled to be on it and it takes some effort to keep from walking off, but I found a good way to get my miles in and hardly notice... speedwork! If you remember, last week I did my speedwork on a treadmill and left this post about it! My ladders were great, but I wanted something to push a little harder-- to push the speed-endurance. So, I took on a few:

Mile Repeats!!
Repeat 1: 7:41 pace -- Complete!
Repeat 2: 7:39 pace -- Complete!
Repeat 3: 7:30 pace -- Complete!
Repeat 4: 7:20 Pace -- Complete!
I did about .25 miles of jogging/walking between with a good cooldown for a total of 5.5miles

*Isn't the post-speedwork feeling just awesome???* I like the sweat and the tight legs that say "you kicked butt!" I think this is why I like working them on treadmills-- you get extra hot and sweaty.

Recovery- Hotel Style!
I knew I'd be traveling and I thought I would take advantage of the hotel hot tub! Since my ankle is still a little injured and hot tubs are great for injuries I jumped right in!! I started with 10-15 min warm-up with my feet in the tub. I stretched out a little and was ready for my speedwork!

Following my workout I did a quick 10 minutes with an ice pack-- *Yep, brought my ice pack with me and stuck it in the freezer during my workoug.* After my ice time (NOTE: Always ice before heat for injuries!!!!) I did another 10-15 in the hot tub with a little massage.

So far so good! My ankle feels better than it has in a while. I think I'll take one more dip in the morning. :) For now... off to bed so I can wakeup early and brainwash provide job opportunities for young Notre Dame students. Goodnight from my new workout facility/spa-- The Holiday Inn!

Happy Running,

PS! If you haven't already please check out my Daily Mile Cheez Burger Meter!!! MY favorite post-marathon meal and boy have I earned them!!! -->

Race Day Staples at Running with Babes!!!


  1. Great job..... gotta love mile repeats.
    I did the ladder work last night on the treadmill (thanks for the post last week) .... I was on fire...

  2. Those are great splits! I think you have such a great balance of speed and miles! Also, can't believe you will be half way done with your goal so soon! I think we have to have a huge party when you meet your goal!

  3. I never would have considered "warming up" pre-workout in the hot tub. Great idea! And killer repeats!!

  4. Good hotel gyms are key. As a treadmill veteran, I always check the gym out first.

  5. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be at the Winter marathon; I hope we get a chance to meet :) I cant wait to read more of your blog!

  6. Nice to see there is a rockstar athlete right here in Ohio. I am very impressed with your goals and what you have acheived.

  7. Way to work in a good work out while traveling! I honestly think I'd be screwed since I don't do treadmill if I were ever someplace where the weather sucked and there was nowhere to run.

  8. Awesome to hit the hotel treadmill...but yours might not like you cheating!!

    Girl you are FAST!!!! I am jealous!!!

  9. Bahaha I LOVE the cheeseburger meter- you have lots to eat ;)

  10. I love the feeling of aweness when one completes speedwork. Nice job!!! Happy Thursday!

  11. It's hard to train when on the move. Hotels don't have good gyms most of the time. Some good splits on the mill.


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