Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 100 Followers and Photo Friday!!!

Yesterday I logged onto my account and realized... Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge now has
~*~*~*100 WONDERFUL FOLLOWERS!!!*~*~*~*~

Yay!!!! I remember when my mom was the only person commenting on my post ;). It's been about a year since I started my blog and I've read some wonderful stories and learned a lot from all the blogs I'm following. I hope I'm giving back to the Run~Blog~Sleep Community! I know some of the followers who are always reading and contributing, shout-outs to some of my fav Run-Bloggies (Bloggies I hear from often and/or with great blogs you need to follow):

Marlene (Mission to a(nother) Marathon)  ~ Always sweet and one of the first to comments. Can't wait to meet you in Seattle! Oooh right... I may be in Ontario earlier for a Dr. appt and some lunch ;)

Mel (Tall Mom on the Run)  ~ Ok who DOESN'T love Mel? If she's not sending you motivational emails or going to bat for you against race directors, then she's helping set and complete running goals for 300+ runners!

Shelly (shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama) ~ A dedicate mom, runner and blogger.... puts in more mileage than anybody I know and still has time to check in on all of our blogs!

Anna (Anna Banana) ~ Anna seems to always be up for an encouraging word and with a love for running, she has a wonderful blog with some fun goals ahead. I'll be seeing Anna for one of my doubles in April... as long as I can figure out which state her city is located in!

Morgan (CAUTION: Redhead Running) and Beth (B.o.B.) ~ Can't help but think of them as one because you usually get to read about 1 long run from 2 perspectives. Both hilarious in their own way and doing great in their marathon goals!

100th Follower~ Carlee (Chasing Forest Gump) ~ I just found her blog when I saw she was my 100th follower. From my initial reading it looks like she puts in a TON of mileage. Can't wait to read more!!!

There are MANY many many more but as I go to copy your web addy's I'm reading them all and it's taken me about an hour just to get the few listed above! Thanks everyone for following and as always ... if you're planning on being in one of the states listed in the link at the top  (Upcoming Runs) just let me know!!! I love running buddies.

If you're new or have been following and keeping on the DL I would love to hear from you... 
~Where are you from???
~What are your running goals???
~Tell me a little about YOU!

Photo Friday!

Earlier this week I posted that I bought the new Nike Frees online in hopes to have a balance between sneakers and Vibrams for the 2 upcoming marathons. Well as you can see these are NOT Nike Frees. They are my old Asics. Apparently by "2 days" finish line actually means "1 week" Grrr so I needed to get something for my long run this weekend. It's going to be cold and I need a little more support for my 17 miler.... so off I went for my 7 mile run.

This was SO weird... I felt like I had lead in my legs and it probably sounded like an earthquake wherever I ran. I imagined people running for cover as I ran toward them.

My New Friends! So I was running up a hill in a popular running area of Cinci (Hyde Park) as a girl came down in the other direction she said "Watch out for the Deer." This is not exactly a "Deer friendly" area as it's very populated and not very close to the woods. Once in a while 1 or 2 will wonder in and they'll call people to get them out (hopefully in a friendly manner). But when I came over the hill there were these 2 guys on one side (cute, huh?) But as I kept going I realized what the other runner was talking about-- there were at least another 7 on the other side!!! That's a lot of deer. Maybe they're hiding from hunters-- smart deer!!!

(Double click the picture to make it bigger and see my new friends!)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love yrou blog and yoru goal SO INSPIRING!!!! Hope I can make it to 100 someday(followers and marathons!)

  2. Awww, thanks so much for the bloggy love! It's been great getting to know you better over the last little while. I've LOVED reading about your crazy marathon adventures. :) Can't wait to meet you too and help you cross Washington off the list.

    Congrats on 100 followers!!

  3. Congrats on 100 followers -- you've earned it and I'm glad to be one of them too!

  4. Congrats on 100 followers! You totally deserve them and then some! I love reading about your adventures and you have the best, most thorough race recaps! Thanks for the shout-out, glad I'm entertaining you as well!

    Cheers to 100 more!!!

  5. Wow! The deer are awesome. I can't believe you saw so many of them!

    Congratulations on hitting 100 followers!

  6. Congrats on hitting the triple digits!
    Have an awesome weekend!

  7. Congrats and i like your blog and running marathon!.
    I am from Holland and running for 4 years and like to run marathons and ultra.
    This year in may my goal is 24 houre running and not stop whit running at that time.
    Later on in September i want to run the 100km faster than 10 houre!.
    And running the newyork marathon..
    You can translate my blog on the left site, see "google vertaal"and kies taal" and look for english.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. I follow your blog as I am fascinated with your goal. I hope you achieve it. I am an older runner who didn't begin running until I was 50 but have been moving forward ever since. I am a one marathon a year woman but love doing lots and lots of races! I am new to blogging and loving it. Congrats on your 100 followers. I am excited about approaching 50! My goals for this year are many but one big one is to improve my marathon time from last year.

  9. I stumbled upon your blog, I live in Central Ohio. I love Cincy, favorite city to visit in Ohio. I am a triathlete, though this season I am doing 2 half marathons and some fun trail races.

  10. Found your blog through Redhead Running's blog. I'm a triathlete in Houston, TX. First race for the season, a half ironman, is 11 weeks away. WOOHOO

  11. thanks for the love! I'm really enjoying your blog. sorry about the achilles!

    My current goal is run a strong race at Hyannis on the 28th and then qualify for boston at the New Jersey Marathon.

    You've obviously run a lot of marathons. What's your favorite? I'm starting to think about fall marathons.

  12. Hi! I just found your blog from Suzy's (Running on My Time). I'm from Ballston Spa, which is just north of Albany. You're from Albany too? I think what you are doing is amazing! I just started running last May and am ultimately going to be running a half in September. I would love to do a marathon but I don't think my body would cooperate. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!