Friday, July 31, 2009

WOOAH!!! HOW could I forget Dean & Bart?!?!

Woah woah woah in my post race thoughts I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that I DID make ONE of my goals for the day-- well I guess finishing a marathon is always a goal, so really TWO goals for the day. I TOTALLY met Dean AND Bart and got their autographs on my pace T-Shirt. If you don't remember, I wrote about stalking meeting them in an old post.

Sorry, I don't have a picture of the shirt yet (it had to be washed-- I used wash proof markers of course). So, thought-- how much would YOU pay for a TShirt signed by Dean and Bart? What if the money was going to charity??? I am contemplating, putting the shirt up for a lottery. If you donate $5 or more to the fundraiser in honor of my running grandma (to the right) then you can be entered into the lottery (all $ goes to the fight against ovarian cancer). Would this be something others would be interested in??? Leave your thoughts! While you think it over... Picture time!!!
Dean and I-- he asked me if I wanted to trot the globe with him and run 1 million miles. I declined, I'm much too busy for all that fancy stuff. Running for me is all about the adventure, not the publicity and all the $ from the books. (pssshhh)

Bart and I-- Yassy asked for advice for his new book. "Yass-mister!," I said, "If you don't figure out the secrets of running on your own, you'll never be proud of your accomplishments."

(None of the above conversations ever happened... except in my own head.)

"Who is this familiar elite-class runner?" you may be asking yourself. You may remember him from the Hyde Park Blast Post... It's KYLE! Kyle saw his first big marathon and was a kick-butt fan AND photographer! All the pictures posted were taken by him and NO, I'm not sharing any of my proceeds with him. Oh wait, I'm doing this for free... damn.


  1. Cool!

    BTW, did you carry the pace sign the entire way?!?

  2. awesome pictures!! :-)

    And great race report. How's running going??

  3. So fun that you got to meet Dean and Bart! I met Dean last year at SFM and was really psyched :)

  4. Just found your blog -- I must say, your goal is a crazy one, and completely awesome!! Looking forward to catching up on your past posts!

  5. Like you, I have met Dean and Bart as well. I think they are two super cool running heroes in the running community. Aren't they awesome?

  6. Your race reports have been great. Awesome that you got to meet Dean and Bart too! :) Great pics!