Thursday, July 16, 2009

Runner Blog Recommendations... from YOU!!!

I'm looking for a few good blogs! I love the ones I follow already and try to catch up every day. But, I'm hoping to get a few more and maybe broaden my Runner Blog scope! So please keep your eyes peeled and if you see any that fit the following leave me a comment!!!

1) Must be related to running (especially distance running): Marathons, Ultras, Distance Running in general, Triathlons
2) Should provide some sort of insight (ie. Tips on running, great deals on apparel, running techniques, race ratings, etc) or inspiration (motivational, funny, compelling story)-- Why do YOU follow it???

Some Examples...
1) Maybe runners who have done a LOT of marathons and have reviews of them
2) Runners from different parts of the US or the world
3) Very active bloggers-- often comment and provide feedback/insight
4) ***Other 50-state attemptees??*** (Especially current)
5) Blogs that have a lot of product reviews- shoes, run accessories, run companies, clothing etc
6) Blogs that get YOU excited to turn on that computer monday morning just so you can hear what someone was up to over the weekend.
7) YOUR blog??? If I'm not already following it-- let me know!


  1. My blog isn't very interesting, but it is about running. And I have run many of the same marathons as you.

  2. Im not sure I meet your requirements but im happy you do follow mine. Its about my run whether thats interesting or not is debatable.
    heres a couple I would reccomend. Mel is just an inspiration. She's moving into Tri's due to injurys, but if you read what shes overcome including brain surgery you see shes living life. I just like this one.
    This one explains it self.

  3. I would recommend you to read a terrific blog by Laura of NYC called Absolut(ly) Fit. She is also doing 50 states as well.

  4. Another blog that I would also highly recommend you to read. It is so fascinating. This guy, Peter, from NH always write terrific posts related to running on his blog.

  5. My facebook "friend", Dane, has run countless marathons, he did 52 in one year to raise money for charity! His blog is

  6. GREAT Rec's everyone!!!! I've added all the ones I didn't already have. Thanks so much and if you catch anymore let me know!!!

  7. GREAT Rec's everyone!!!! I've added all the ones I didn't already have. Thanks so much and if you catch anymore let me know!!!

  8. Just saw you added a follow to my blog - thanks! (Thanks Ted also for the rec!) Here are a couple that I recommend:


  9. I just found your blog and I am impressed with your body of work. My body of work is growing and I am learning a lot from bloggers based on their experiences. I am a physical therapist who is very interested in advancing the knowledge of the active population. A couple of times a month I am going to be posting a literature review as questions arise. I would love to have you as a portion of the network. Happy running!

  10. thanks for checking out my blog, and I'll be sure to go thank Bruce for the recommendation too! :D

    In response to your question, I got back in the pool last year during my first bout of stress fractures. Thinking that I must have built a decent base with running, I was humbled that my breathing sucked in the pool, and it was hard! Injured again this year, I gave it another attempt, and am loving it! it's not easy, but being a marathon runner, I'm sure you appreciate the challenge, and find ways to overcome :) I will dig through some of the training plans I've found, and email you what I might think helpful :)

  11. My blog is not pure running, but it is training oriented blog. check it out and let me know what you think.

  12. I am not sure how I stack up, nut try to review products, comment on running, motivation and races. Good luck on your quest!