Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Francisco Marathon (#11)... Race RUNdown

This weekend I'll be completing my California Marathon- in San Francisco!

Inspiration Points...
1. This will be the first marathon I've officially paced! 3:50 groupies contact me!!!
2. This is my FIRST trip to California! (Really, I've never been...)
3. If I complete this race then the next one I'll make Iridium level of marathon maniacs (and 4 spinny stars!!!) by completing 9 marathons in 9 states this year!
4. This is Kyle's first BIG marathon spectating! He liked HM and I think he'll love seeing such a big race and some of the super fast athletes (not including myself of course!)
5. The hosts: My fav speed work man- Bart Yasso, & my fav super hero- Dean Karnazes!!!

The RUNdown #11 The San Francisco Marathon
When: Sunday July 26, 2009
Where: San Francisco, CA
Year Running: 10th!
2008 Field: 4,354
...Females: 1,480
...Age Group:
2008 Avg. Finish Time: 4:33:06
Weather: From what I can tell SF usually has idea running conditions-- especially for a summer marathon. Last year they had 50's and beautiful. Right now we're looking at mid 50's to mid 60's temperature. Hopefully the lack of humidity and the amount of shade in the parks will keep this race cool!
This is a hilly course with a more difficult first half than second half. There are a few quick climbs but also a few long slow climbs-- like the golden gate bridge-- twice! This is going to be a small pacing challenge but the goal is to make even splits, making up time on the downhills.

Race 411:
~ Go Green! This race is one of the new "go green" races. The shirts and compostable cups are just two examples how they're going green. For those of us that feel bad dropping 1 gel packet then seeing about 30,000 in front of us- well this race may leave you a little more guilt free.. Saving the Earth, One Road Race at a Time
~ Halfies! The half-marathoners have the option to run the first or second half and from what I can tell there are a LOT of them... I hate the idea of a halfie starting after we're exhausted from our first half. Hopefully this won't make anybody feel let down at their half points! I will NOT let MY group feel that way!!!
~ Spectators! No spectators? In San Francisco?? C'est na Possible! I've been reading reviews of the race and all sings point to limited spectators. I'll have to find a way to entertain my pace group... Can anybody teach me to juggle by Sunday?!!?! How about strapping a radio to my back???

Race Plan: Run no faster than 3:48 and no slower than 3:50! Phew no pressure there! And get some 35 year old women their Boston qualifying time!!! Also, 3rd goal: be the MOST inspiring/energetic pace team at the 2009 San Francisco Marathon!!!


  1. That's cool you're gonna pace. I'm interested to hear your report of it. Good luck!


  3. Stop by my booth and say hello. :)

  4. I'm sure you'll be a great encouragement to your team and will make this marathon a very fun and successful experience for them. :)

  5. One final piece of advice:


    - Greg

  6. How awesome that your pacing! If i was running, Id try and stick with you! Haha! :)

    How did you get the links for other pages in your header? I'm DIEING to figure it out! :)

  7. In the short time of following your blog, I think you'll make an amazing pacer! I'm going to SF in Oct for the Nike Women's and can't wait!!

    I've never heard of the halfers being able to either run the first or second half! Interesting idea, but I agree with you on the moral that it can set for those doing the full! hmmm.

  8. Good luck! You will be an inspiration to those in your pace group-- HAVE FUN!

  9. I just found your blog...what a cool goal!! I hope you had a great marathon this weekend. I just finished my first ultra and am looking forward to the marathon distance again.

  10. hey girlie.... I ran Flying Pig this year as well... Loved it. I was thinking about Air Force in Sept but have slacked to the point that I am thinking it is out of the question now. How was that one? Love your blog... I would love to run 50 in 50 states as well... Just not sure it will happen for this 32 yr old mommy of 2 young ones. ;)