Monday, July 20, 2009

The only thing I hate more than tapering is H20!... Bad week ahead!

Tapering- in the context of sports, refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition.[1] Tapering is customary in many endurance sports, such as the marathon, athletics and swimming. For many athletes, a significant period of tapering is essential for optimal performance. The tapering period frequently lasts as much as a week or more. (Wikipedia)

Tapering- A week before a marathon of no exercise, excluding 1-2 low mileage, slow, days. Hence, the runner feels like they're gaining weight, eating too much, loosing their "fit" level, and overall is being mentally drained. IT SUCKS! (Stephanie)

Water- is a ubiquitous chemical substance, composed of hydrogen and oxygen, that is essential for the survival of all known forms of life (Wikepedia)

Water- Gross tasting, stomach bloating, "necessary" substance that "needs" to be consumed the week before a race. AKA... NASTY! (Stephanie)

I have an extreme distaste for both tapering and water...
You: REALLY? You HATE water??
Me: Yes, I'm serious I hate the taste of water. It's disgusting...
You: But it doesn't taste like anything
Me: Exactly... GROSS
You: But... you NEED water to run
Me: Yes, but unlike you (probably) my body doesn't like to sweat and retains the water in my skin. My face, hands, arms, & feet blow up if I have too much water-- And by "too much" I mean the normal amount people consume during a marathon. Sigh... I'm broken!
You: But... NOBODY hates water
Me: I never claimed to be normal!!!

Ok so now that we have that cleared up... I have The San Francisco Marathon this week so it's tapering week!!! Which means I only get to run like twice and at that only for 3 slow miles. I'll fill the rest of my week with stretching during the time I normally work out and LOTS of my roller to break up any leftover muscle cramps and get any remaining lactic acid out.

I'll be on the pacing team for SF so my race plan is obvious... be no more than 2 minutes in front of 3:50! I'm really excited to pace people and help them to get their time. I'm hoping the weather won't be too hot as the course is already fairly hilly! We'll see though. I'll post my race RUNdown as we get closer to the end of the week! Wish me luck on keeping my cool over the week and not getting completely strung out. I'll do my best to avoid any sort of scale and focus on carbo-loading!

Happy Running,


  1. I had to LOL at your little "commentary" on water. I used to be like that and had to gag it down, but now I actully crave it all the time!

    Good luck with your tapering and water consumption!

  2. Regarding your Comment abour Erie, it is flat has a pancake. Only thing resembling a hill is one overpass its not that bad anyways. The marathon is the same course I did yesterday, just twice. The course is a loop around Presque Isle state park, marathon 2 loops. I never been there for the marathon in September, but read its same, I think it just starts at a different spot is all. It is scenic, often with a view of lake Erie. If you want to know more just ask. I follow this blog also He's training to run his first there.

  3. Aloha, I am new to your blog ;-) I wish you well on your taper and just a quick question... what tools do you use for your pacing? Or is is simply your genius sense of timing for yourself ;-) just curious.... Happy Water Guzzling!!

  4. I hate tapering and have learned to like water. Good luck this weekend, I would love to be a pacer!

  5. Hi there,
    I just happened to stumble on your blog, I am a MM, also gold status, slowly working on 50 states. I think we ran some mutual races this year (vermont, Sunburst). Anyway, I am looking forward to reading about your progress of the 50 states!

  6. Have fun this weekend at the SFM and good luck!

  7. Hey Steph!

    Have fun in SF! It should be a piece of cake compared to Devil's Lake, WI! I'll be in Wakefield, MA for the 24 Hour Around The Lake. I'll be with my twelve year-old daughter, so I guess I'll be pacing, too.

    I think your aversion to water is quite normal. In fact, I suspected it. According to
    hy·dro·pho·bi·a   (hī'drə-fō'bē-ə)   
    An abnormal fear of water.

    If I had to describe you in one word, I'd choose "RABID".

    - Greg

    P.S. Looks like I'm gonna do the ID/MT trip.

  8. Great Blog!

    Two years ago the SFM was my first marathon. This year it will be my 11th.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, very cool stuff.

    Take care,


  9. Hey Steph -- GOOD LUCK !!!! with the upcoming SF Marathon. Sending good vibes to you. You are going to rock!

    Psst - I have left a comment to the next blogger who will be getting the book from Chic Runner. I gave the blogger a hint that you want to get your hands on the book. I do hope the book will get out to you after the blogger read it.

    One more thing.. GOOD LUCK !

  10. hey stephanie, on vacation right now, and finally checking email- the book is yours after i read it!! haven't gotten it yet as i am away from home, but guessing it will be there when we get back... send me your email address (i won't post it =) and will send you the book when i finish. hope your sf race goes great!

  11. I absolutely loathe water, too. It's just so...watery.