Friday, March 25, 2011

National Marathon and Bataan Death March Double~ Race RUNdown!!!

Inspiration Points...
Marathon #56 and 57!, New "state": DC!
1. Checking off the District! I've already done NM but this is my first official D.C. marathon since the 50-stater club counts the Marine Corp Marathon as Virginia. 
2. Double Fun! ... It's another double marathon weekend! I haven't had one of these in a while and this is definitely going to be my toughest by far with a very hard climb at Bataan.
3. Practice @$$ woopin! In a month I'll be doing another double (Nashville/Pig) and Coach Bob from "Coach's Corner" and I have a bet on who's combined times will be faster. After this very challenging double, the TN/OH one will be easy. What is Coach Bob doing to train? Well last week he ran very fast... in a 15k!! Bahahahahahah
4. Pit Crew Chief! Will be coming to this marathon with MB! 
5. Men in Uniform! If they aren't inspiration to get my butt up the hill at Bataan, I don't know WHAT is! 
6. My Fav Race! Bataan was my favorite marathon to date and I can't wait to go back. This is my first time repeating a full marathon. This is the first time in a long time I've been REALLY excited to run.

D.C. Race RUNdown...
Sun Trust National Marathon ~ Saturday March 26, 2011. (D.C.) 7:00am Marathon Start
District of Columbia ~ Downtown at the RFK stadium
Registration Fees: $100
Year Running: 6th
Races Available: Marathon, Half-Marathon, 3-person HM relay... Currently available at the expo: Marathon and half marathon registration only!!!
2011 Expected Field: 15000 cap for all races
2010 Field:  2,325... Females: 804  ... Age Group: 219 (F25-29)
2009 Avg. Finish Time: 4:11:22
Certified Course/BQ Certified?: Yes/Yes
Cutoff Time and Early Start Option: No early start. There is a 6.5 hours limit and a 5:15 requirement to register. 
Weather Update: It will be in the low 30's at the start and MAY hit the 40's by the end of my run. I was hoping for something warmer but this will have to do. 

MarathonGuide Rating: 
The course is a double looped route that makes a figure 8 as it reroutes down E. Capital  to bring us by many of the big monuments twice. It crosses by some pretty colleges that should bring a good cheering section. It is generally very hilly with rolling sections as well as some pretty steep climbs.  

Bataan Death March RUNdown...
Bataan Death March ~ Sunday March 27, 2011. (NM) 7:00am Race Start
White Sands, NM ~ White Sands Missile Range. 
Registration Fees: $65
Year Running: 22nd
Races Available: Marathon and 15.2M March
2011 Expected Field: NA
2010 Field:  2,614 Individual and 224 teams of 5.
2010 Avg. Finish Time: 7:43:39
Certified Course/BQ Certified?: Yes/Yes
Cutoff Time and Early Start Option: No early start. 
Weather Update: It should be about 42 degrees by the start of the race getting up to about 60-65 degrees by the end of my race. Having run this last year I know just HOW cold 42 feels there and how warm 60 feels. I was freezing at the start in the morning, but by the end of the race I was sweating. It seems like we're up for the same weather this year. 

MarathonGuide Rating: 4.5/5.0
This is what I wrote on the course last year: This course is unreal both for the challenge and the view! The desert-scenery is amazing!! (See pic). The climb to the top of the mountain is well worth the trip! The other scenery you get is the treck back down-- as you're coming down there are hundreds of people (mostly military) coming up and watching the heavy pack marchers is unreal!

The course itself is very cool-- but challenging. You start with a nice warm up on the flat base, but at mile 5 you slowly start the climb... up a mountain. The climb end around mile 13-14, followed by a roller coaster of small steep hills, bringing you back down the mountain! Then there is the sand pit... 2 miles of deep sand that's definitely not easy to run through, especially with the little dips and hills! Garmin distance was about a quarter mile short for just about everybody... but who minds a shorter distance???

Race Plan:
This is not going to be an easy double, however getting sub 4-hour is always in my sights. I'm hoping to do around a 3:40/3:50 at National to save my legs for the long climb at Bataan. Sunday I'll do my best to run Bataan as fast as I can move my little legs! I'm thinking I'll find a hot/fast military guy and follow him for motivation! 

Meet up Info: 
-National: Pre-Race Marathon Maniac picture! 6:20 inside the Armory (expo building) on the left side of the gym. 
-Bataan: There will be some sort of pre-race photo before the start. TBD. 

Happy Racing!
"Run to Win"-Meb

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