Friday, March 25, 2011

Double Trouble and Ready to Rumble!

I landed in D.C. today to start my whirlwind marathon weekend. I got in about mid day, met up with my friend Brian, my parents, and 2 other marathon maniacs-- Dave and Brent. Before we set off I got an action shot-- I'm ready to take names this weekend! (note: this gun is NOT loaded... nobody is that crazy to give me a loaded gun). We went to the National Marathon Expo (nothing too exciting) then went out to take in some of the monuments. After we met up with a few other Marathon Maniacs for a fun maniac dinner!!!

Running D.C.
Tomorrow is day 1 of the double weekend. I'm excited to run a race "for fun" focusing on taking it easy and maybe even getting in a picture or 2 of the monuments. The last time I ran in D.C. it was the Marine Corp Marathon in 2007. I was extremely sick and had a horrible run. My kidneys were killing me by the end and I don't remember much except praying for the finish to come. It was rough. 

Tomorrow the plan is to run easy but not so slow that I'm not my feet longer than I'm used to. I'm thinking a 3:40/3:50 will be good. 

Getting Ready for Bataan
After the race my friend Dave and I will be heading right to the airport to fly to NM for Bataan. I would have liked to use this race to get a sub-4 hr NM race (I did the same race last year with a team) but it will definitely be hard with a double. So, to give myself the best chance I brought some accelorade for recovery and I'll be taking it easy the rest of the day tomorrow. I had been hoping to pick up a pair of recovery socks at the expo but they weren't there. :( 

Bataan is a tough race but it's also exceptionally well organized, inspiring (all of the military men and women) and fun. The course is one of the best I've run on, albeit tough. Looking forward to it... we'll see if I'm still looking forward to it at this time tomorrow! 

To everybody running tomorrow and sunday-- GOOD LUCK!!!



  1. Run Steph Run! You are my hero!!!

  2. Good Luck!! I'm running in a 5K today, and it's about 10 degrees here in VT

  3. Good luck, can't wait for the race report.

  4. Good luck! I'm sure it will be better than your last race in D.C.