Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Quadzilla! WS100 Training Week 13 & Boston Speed Schedule!

I never got around to posting my WS training from last week. The first thing you'll notice is that it's only a 6 day schedule. I had been running a Tues-Mon week so I could get my long runs in on Sunday and Monday (due to Sunday marathons) but this past weekend I was actually home and did purely training runs. So I started on Tuesday (the day after last weeks long run) and ended on Sunday. Make sense? No? Yeah well it's pretty early in the am for me too!

Here it is...

LR's: It looks a little lame, being only 6 days, but Monday I had actually done 13, so that's a lot of mileage in a week. I posted about my long runs earlier this week but I did the Flying Pig Marathon course (at least part of it) both days. I felt good on both days which I think is especially good because these are the longest PURELY training runs I've ever done. Even in marathon training I had never gone over 23 miles. 25 without a medal? I can  deal.... you won't see me going over 26 miles without it counting for something! 

HILLS?!? Yeah a lot of hill training this week. I felt like I was slacking so I made up. Eek. Even my Monday run was 13 miles of hill repeats the day after the Princess Half Marathon. And to answer your next question... yes, my jeans are feeling a little tight around the quad area. Quadzillllllaaaa! Below is a picture from the Princess Half of me and the man legs. No those are not superimposed on my body... they are real!

The sad thing? I'm getting smaller everywhere else! I'm going to look like a horse soon... or a linebacker. Hey if this finance thing doesn't workout, I can always audition as the next "office linebacker." 
You know you can totally see me doing these commercials... I bring da boom!

Boston Bound!!! Bring on the Pain Speed Train!!!
Yesterday I mentioned that Coach Bob had included a training program for me to follow for the next few weeks to pick up some speed and that I would share it with you. This tough part is combining WS100 Ultra training with speed, but hey! The elites run over 100 miles a week and still get in speed. If they can do it, so can I! 

I'm going to focus on 2 days of speed work per week. The speed work is going to be surrounded be at least 2 warmup and 2 cool down miles so I can get in my ultra training. 

Tuesdays: Mojo Training- (Mojo is my running store) Short/Quick speed. Unusual mixes of 400's to 1-miles. My tempo is kept right around a 6 min/mile pace for ALL reps. The idea is to be QUICK but consistent. Ex. next week we will be doing 8x400's. The first 400 done in 1m30s isn't so bad, but by the 6th to 8th rep, my legs are feeling a little jelly. 

Thursdays: Mile Repeats! These are going to get up to about 6 miles repeats. The ranges are set between 6:15 to 6:30 per mile without 2-3 minutes of rest between. Today I'll be starting slow with 4x1mile at a 6:30 pace and 2 minutes of rest. 

No falling apart! That's the only rule. Thanks for all the input on what your speed sessions look like! Any other speed workouts you would like to share? Get them in soon...I'll post them tomorrow!!!

Happy (Speedy) Running,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. First of all - there is nothing lame about any of your training!

    Second - your legs are awesome.

    LOVE the speed training coming up. Because you are not nearly fast enough. :)

  2. that picture of your legs is BAD ASS. be proud.

  3. wow! amazing picture! Don't be surprised when I meet you in Boston and then ask you to roll up your pant leg! good for you!!!!

  4. Yeah, have to say your legs are amazing. I saw the picture before I read your comments about it and my first was HOLY CALVES! I WANT!

  5. OK, OK, you're right, it's time for me to start doing some hill repeats.