Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gold Star Week, Count Downs, and Updates!!!

A lot of bloggers are into "3 things Thursdays" and posts of that nature. I never have only 3 things to say so we're going to go with a "Too Many Things to Count Tuesday" sort of a post-- just go with it, ok? Just some interesting tid-bits/updates on Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge... (Note: if you are friends with me on facebook, most of these have been recent status updates, so excuse the repetition. I'm not feeling overly creative this week).

1) 11 flipping states to go!!! 11??? When did this happen. Where did the other 39 come from? Remember my #12 Leading Ladies pout, whine, and quit for aboutttt 2 hours because I thought I'd never make Boston Qualifying time and 38 more states sounded... well... "stupid" and "pointless" (yeah, sort of a rough day there.. eek). That was just about a year ago and I've done another 27-- TWENTY-SEVEN!!! since then and made BQ 4 times. Are you sad it's almost over? Don't worry-- I still have to double back on a bunch of states to get sub-4 hour times. Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?? Pshhh... you crazy!

2) New Steph Record!!! I didn't realize this until after the race was over, but I finished my 19th marathon this year over the weekend. Last year I only ran 18 in the whole year and I'm already past that... I'llllll go ahead and give myself a Gold Star and a pat on the back.
3) Boston Count Down.... 18 Days until the BAA opens up registration for Boston! My (hoped to be) 50th state. knocking on wood and toes crossed.

4) Mid-Marathon Nap! Something funny happened at this past weekends marathon. I had to be at work VERY early on Friday morning (try 3am) for our inventory day and got very little sleep Thur night. Then flying out to the to Wyoming then driving 2 hours to the race in Idaho, getting in around 11 at night then getting up at 3am again... led to one sleepy sleepy Steph! Around the 6th or 7th  mile I felt myself "wake up" with a little start. I definitely had that feeling of being woken up and realized I had dozed off while running for just a second. (cause that's real normal). I confirmed it when I looked at my watch and realized my current pace was about a minute off my avg pace.

5) MN Zoom Yah! Yah! 1 Day Left!!!! We are supposed to be notified tomorrow if we've been accepted into the Zoom Yah! Yah! indoor marathon that is lottery based where only 40 runners are picked. So... as of tomorrow you will be notified if it's time to cheer for Coach Dick and the St. Olaf track team... or if we need to further harass them (Mel)!! :) Please stay tuned ...

6) GE Corporate Marathon Team. Got this note yesterday...
"Congratulations on being selected to represent GE in the 2011 USCAA Corporate Marathon and inaugural Half Marathon Championships at PF Chang's Rock'n'Roll Marathon in Phoenix Arizona on January 16, 2011."
Woohoo! And for the 40th time... yes, I have a job. No, it's not running-- Nike refuses to sponsor "Slightly better than average" runners. Their Loss!!! So yeah I get to participate in the 2011 USCAA Marathon Championships (that's US Corporate Athletic Associate) AND complete a state along the way!

7) Upcoming Marathons... I don't have another NEW state until Omaha on Sept 26th, unless I don't get into Zoom Yah Yah, then I'll be forced to run Walker North on Sept 18th *Yuck-- Gag me*! This would seriously impeded on my social life as I have a party to attend that weekend. Yes... in addition to a job, I also try and keep some sort of social life. (Running isn't everything, friends...) If I DO get into Zoom YahYah! I'll prob pick up a race on Sept 11 in Indiana (repeat state) just for fun.

Das about it folks. I owe ya 2 race ratings... Alaska and Idaho. Coming soon!

Happy Running,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. Loved reading all these updates - that's awesome that you have 11 states to go!!

  2. wow..only 11 to go!! Totally awesome:)

  3. I love that youare doing this!

    Love following your journey!

  4. LOL... if it makes you feel any better I can't get sponsored as an "average" or "below average" runner either. Your journey is awesome! Like mine only more awesome and twice as far :D

  5. Mid-marathon nap; LOL! Too funny! And just 11 to go; Total Rock Star!

  6. You have a job?? Not sure how you balance it all... Sooooo....my theory is correct. Often Robots will go into autopilot while working...so since you FELL ASLEEP running you have to be a robot.. Nuff said.. HUGS and see you in BOSTON!!!

  7. Steph -- Boston doesn't open registration until OCTOBER 18! (Speculation is that they moved it so folks running Chicago would get a chance to register).