Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Marathon Math...

I'm FINALLY caught up on all my post-race race-ratings (as you can tell from 3 races being posted today). After the double in the beginning of the month I didn't have the energy to talk abour marathons for a week or two... then KY marathon came and passed this weekend. But since I'm caught up I started thinking about all my races. I like numbers and math... so I was crunching some number of my marathonlin-ness to-date.

*This weekend (at 24) I ran my 20th lifetime marathon WOAH! That's 524 miles of races-- It will be big when I have more marathons than my age... oh hello, January (*crossing fingers*)
*This YEAR I have run 15 marathons in 15 states... that 393 miles of JUST racing marathons. We all know that running marathons is a challenge, but the real challenge is putting in the miles and the effort day after day, week after week, to get yourself up to the race. A marathon is only 26.2 on race day, but you put in hundreds before that... and that's what you should be proud of!
*This MONTH I have run 3 marathons (including 1 double)... This all leads to...
*This year I have purchased (and gone through) 5 pairs of running shoes! I'm up for another pair... yikes!
*I'm trying to find out the mileage that I've flown... TBD!
*I have 32 more marathons in 32 states left before I complete my 50-states goal. That means I'm 36% of the way there... that number seems so small, yet my body says I've run so far. Yuck. Wish me luck on the remaining 64%. ;)

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  1. how do you afford the shoes let alone all the plane tickets and entry fees!