Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking for a Few Good Men... and Women

Marathons are fun and challenging, but there are always ways to make them more... interesting. I like to find a couple of difficult marathons to do, just for fun! Let's jump back in time, shall we? At first they always seem scary--
~ My First Trail Marathon... but, I ended up winning the race and LOVED the trails. I even took a Video during the race!
~ At My First Double I was very nervous, but it ended fine-- I actually did better in my second race of the weekend than my first.

The next one I have in mind is a scorcher-- literally.

The Bataan Memorial Death March!
Now, with the words "death" in the title, this may seem like more of  a challenge than anybody wants to handle. HOWEVER... they have teams!!! Not only do you have a team counting on you to complete the race, but in the true military spirit, you're not allowed to leave a teammate behind-- all members must finish within 20 seconds of each other!!!

I'm trying to get together a team or 2 to participate in the march! It's a full marathon (26.2) in New Mexico. It's a VERY hot course, but if you take it easy and work as a team, I think this could be a very fun race. There is a military and civilian side for the competitions. Co-ed, women, & mens teams. I'm trying to find a few brave souls to run the race as a 5-person co-ed team. If you're interested in joining the team let me know!!!

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  1. This sounded fun until I read about the marathon. Wow that is a crazy marathon! I would love to do a team marathon/ultra marathon in the future but I think that is just way hardcore. I can't wait to read how it goes for you if you do it.

  2. I would love to join your team. It sounds awesome !!!

    By the way, did you ever get the book from a blogger down in Arizona?

  3. I am so in!!!
    We can talk details later on, but this is my kind of race.

  4. In response to your comment about the Mississippi marathon in Jan.... Is this the one in Jackson? My aunt lives there and I have not seen her in YEARS... I mean it... YEARS... I would love to swing this one... not sure the hubby will go for it... but I will try.

  5. That sounds good. My wife's family lives a few blocks away from the 1st KM start of the Death March in Bataan, PH, in Mariveles. I've been there and visited, and have ran in the PH. Good Luck.