Friday, September 4, 2009

Songs to Run Run RUNNNN...

A Bloggy Running Mix... (Input needed!)

Do you have that 1 song that comes on mid-run and, even if you're feeling your worst, it seems to give you a pick me up??? I know I do! I have a couple, but I would love to hear from everyone else! Send me "your song" and I'll post the compiled list later!

Send me your favorite "pump me up" song(s) and (if you want) why you like it!

1) Ricky Martin~ Cup of Life
~ Lyrics like "GO GO GO!" and "Do you really want it?" always great when I'm sick of yelling at myself!
2) A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls~You Are My Destiny ~1 of Mel's top 3!
3) The Veronicas~Untouched ~ 1 of Mel's top 3!
4) Coldplay~Viva La Vida ~1 of Mel's top 3!
5) Black Eyed Peas~ Let's Get it Started ~ NY Wolve's Nike + Power Song!
6) U2~Where the Streets Have No Name ~ MrcCJ sent in this U2 hit!
7) Steppenwolf~Born to be Wild !~ Greg's Bad impression of 'Crazy Steph':P
8) George Thorogood & The Destroyers~ Bad To The Bone ~ More bad impressions on Greg
9) Brittany Spears~ Phonography~ Greg thinks I'm a teen! Thanks Greg!!!!
10) Juanes~ La Camisa Negra ~ Thanks Cami!
11) New Kids on the Block~ Dirty Dancing~ Cami sent this blast from the past in!
12) Lady Gaga~ Poker Face~ Cami
13) Sarah Brightman~ The Phantom of the Opera~ Cami's wild pick!
14) Charlie Daniel's Band Devil Went Down to Georgia~ Anonymous, MB??
15) Joan Jett~ Bad Reputation~ Thanks for the song B.O.B!
16) Black Eye'd Peas~ Boom Boom Pow~ GREAT song from Robin!
17) Black Eye'd Peas~ I Gotta Feeling~ Another good summer song from Robin!
18) Marlene Suggests... The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Sean Kingston, & the Black Eyed Peas.... ALL great artists!!!
19) Tom Petty~Running Down a Dream~ a Bruce recommendation
20) Nickelback~Rockstar~ Another from Bruce


  1. I posted my play-list here:

    These are my 3 faves:

    *You Are My Destiny-Jai Ho -A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls

    *Untouched- The Veronicas

    *Viva La Vida-Coldplay

  2. "Let's get it Started" Black Eyed Peas. Its my power song on Nike+ and always makes me Goooooo!

  3. Oh good song! I'll have to get that. I really like "Where the streets have no name" by U2 lately.


  4. Any playlist for Crazy Steph MUST include Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild"! It so fits her that I suspect she was conceived while this song was playing. George Thorogood & The Destroyers' "Bad To The Bone" also cones to mind.

    Since you're still practically a teen, you might like "Phonography" by Britney Spears. My current 10K PR was set listening to this song only in a continuous loop!

  5. "Get your motor runnin'
    Head out on the highway
    Lookin' for adventure
    And whatever comes our way
    Yeah Darlin' go make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space

    I like smoke and lightning
    Heavy metal thunder
    Racin' with the wind
    And the feelin' that I'm under
    Yeah Darlin' go make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space"

  6. I too like Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life." Other favorites would include:

    - La Camisa Negra -Juanes
    - Dirty Dancing - New Kids on the Block
    -Poker Face - Lady GaGa

    and, oddly enough,

    -The Phantom of the Opera -Sarah Brightman

  7. Devil went down to GA

  8. Mine is "bad reputation" by Joan Jett. It's super fast tempo and her awesome rocker chick voice get me all pumped!

    (Glad you found my blog cause now I found yours!)

  9. It Feels So Good by Sonique

    - great tempo, great bpm, great lyrics

    - beautiful voice

    - Sonique is older than Steph

    - it hit #1 on U.S. Dance Chart during Steph's lifetime (OK, she WAS teething, but at least she was alive in 2000)

    "Our love it feels so good, and that's what takes me high
    Higher than I've been before and your love, it keeps me alive
    Thought I should let you know, that your touch it means so much
    When I'm alone at night, it's you I'm always thinkin' of, ooh ooh baby

  10. Springsteen's Born to Run HAS to make the list!