Thursday, September 17, 2009

Give-a-ways and Race Prep!

First, Run Faster Mommy is having -what I would liek to call- an anti-GI problem give-a-way. She's giving away all kinds of electroylte gels, snacks, etc. Looks really neat... check it out :)

Also, race #2 of the week is coming up... Boulder, CO is this week! The issues/lessons to keep in mind...

1) Boulder is a high-altitude race (~5K ft)! I did Park City a few weeks ago (~7K ft) and I could definitely feel the altitude. How to help?
~ HYDRATE! This definitely helps to prevent altitude sickness
~ Swimming... to get your lungs used to controlled breathing

2) I'm Sick! I've been sick since getting back from Erie this weekend. I think its just some sort of Flu. But I have 2 Drs that each have me on a different anitbiotic. I should say that one Dr. told me NOT to run this weekend... I tried to explain why that wasn't an option, but she didn't seem to understand or care. Oh well..

3) This is the last back-to-back weekend of marathons before my back-to-back Sat/Sun races the first weekend in Oct!!! Scary...

I will be posting the race ratings from Erie today :)


  1. if a dr says dont run...You should not run or just run with me and it will be like walking...BUT NO looking at your watch..and ill be nice

  2. Good luck this weekend! And I hope you feel better before the race! If not, take it easy (easier said than done) - because you don't want it to effect the rest of your races. Can't wait to read the race review. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Hey, at least you GOT a medal! The Salmon Marathon, according to reviews, had a wonderful medal last year. This year ... NO MEDAL!

    People were upset and emailed the race director. I got an email from the RD. It looks like for about $5, we'll get one!

    - Greg

  4. Somehow, my comment got attached to the wrong post. It was in regard to the Erie medal.

    Anyway ... doctors ALWAYS tell you not to run! Sometimes they're right. I can emphathize with your situation!

    - Greg