Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Running = No Posting???

We're halfway through week 2 of the cold and I'm actually starting to feel a lot better... Ok I'm not 100% sure that's 100% accurate. I'm either feeling better or I'm keeping myself pretty dosed up on sudafed :)

So, I've attempted to blog several times but then I start thinking "what can I write on a running blog when I'm not actually running???" I promise I DO have a life outside of running... but I always feel kind of silly writing about other aspects of life, when people would obviously follow my blog for running/training purposes. Anyways-- what I'm trying to say is that I won't be offended if you choose to stop reading now and move onto other running-related posts out there (albeit there is a little bit about running below).
First... Happy St. Pat's Day!!! I've always loved St. Pat's because it means it is birthday time!!! My B-dizzle is the 18th :) I'm slightly less excited as I've had some serious BAD luck on my birthdays!! Something pretty bad happens just about every year. I won't go into details about last year, but let's just say it involved my work computer taking an impromptu flight to Atlanta without me on it--- and no I don't mean securely in a bag-- it was flying in the cabin.

Second Birthday problem #2-- I'm turning an age I don't agree with. As you can see from my last post, I'm choosing not to discuss the actual number. Maybe the number WILL be the bad luck? Turning 24+1 seems bad enough to me-- please can that be all that goes wrong??? Don't worry-- I'll keep ya'll posted if I fall down a flight of stairs. I'll even keep a camera handy in case something tangible happens I can take a pic of.

This weekend is Marathon #26 (yes people, this is the running portion of the post) in White Sands, NM. I'll be running in the crazy heat and sand, but lucky for me I'll have a team with me! Team "Beauty and the Geeks" (guess which one is me? I'll give you a hint... it will surprise you, considering I keep a blog). So the plan for the week is to "Just keep drinking"-- water that is. Allllllthough the birthday will end in a drink, of the martini variety, either in 1) Celebration 2) Recovery after the "bad" thing happens or 3) Depression when the 24+1 sinks in. 

That's it for today I believe. Thank you so much for updating me with your racing schedules that overlaps mine! I've updated even MORE marathons recently so please take a look and let me know which ones you'll be participating in!!! *Link at top for "upcoming races"* :) If you've told me and it's not up there please please please remind me--and forgive me, I've been sick!

Happy Running!!!


  1. Happy Early Birthday!!! Fingers crossed for no incidents tomorrow... and there's nothing wrong with 24+1. :)

    Hope you feel 100% better for your marathon this weekend!

  2. Turning that dreaded number you hate broke the cycle of bad birthdays for me and became my most favorite birthday ever! Also, it was a liberating age, I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. My friends and I joked we were "girls" til 25 but then we became "le femme's" rather than women. I'll be a woman in 2 years... yikes! Good thing 30 is the new 20! :)

    Have a fantabulous birthday tomorrow my dear! xoxo

  3. Happy B-day!
    Now hitting 24+1 is probably nothing to feel happy about but when you hit 50 and feel strong and fit then you will feel like telling the whole world you hit a half a century mark. See you have something to look forward to. :)

  4. Happy 24+1 birthday (I can't even remember that age!!) and good luck in New Mexico!!!! I'll be out of blog world for awhile (no internet) so will look for your results when I return - can't wait !!!!

  5. Hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow! Mine is the 19th! I will be 29! The real 29, thankfully (not the second or fourth or tenth time - not that there's anything wrong with that!)...but so far it is proving to be more mentally challenging than 24+1 was. Just something to look forward to! ;)

    Good luck this weekend!

  6. Hope you have a great birthday! I love reading your blog. You are an inspiration, for sure! Even (or maybe especially?) for those of us who fondly remember 24+1 from many moons ago...I'm just sad you already ran my state's marathon (NC) and I won't get to cheer you on.

    If you are looking for good running material to blog about even when you aren't running, you could fill us in on what you think about on your runs and races, or even what you like to hear from the crowd for support. Just a thought. You already rock, though, so whatever you post will be read and enjoyed by lots of us!

  7. Happy Birthday and good luck with your race this weekend. Think positive thoughts!

  8. I been sick the last 2 weeks too oddly enough. Stopping to cough on a run really ruins your pace. Happy Birthday and if you think 24+1 is bad im facing 44+1 in August.

  9. Good luck this weekend, to all of you guys!

    I'm actually looking forward to my 24+1 birthday this summer, though I don't have a real reason why. Cheer up though - you can now rent cars without a surcharge! ;)