Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day of Rest and the March RW!!!!

I've put in quite a few miles over the past 3 days-- 25.5 to be exact-- and with another marathon this weekend I'm taking a day of rest to relax and refresh. Well I must have timed it perfectly because guess what came in the mail today??? *Ps. If you haven't figured it out from the picture or the title we need to work on your perception skills.* Anyways-- Yes! The NEW Runner's World is here today!! Woohoo.

I'm really excited because I've recently started using RW as a tool to keep my running more exciting. I've started clipping out various workouts and putting them into categories: Long runs, Speedwork, Treadmill, Tempo Runs, Upper body weights, Lower body weights, etc. I'm trying to compile enough in each category so I can randomly select whenever I have the set category up for the day. Hopefully it will bring a little more excitement to my runs!

Rest While Perpetually-Marathoning:
Sometime people wonder about my training schedule-- especially when I have an upcoming marathon. Well I don't do the typical taper thing-- at least not to the degree that most people do. If I did I would be at a perpetual taper, especially a month like this when I have 3 marathons.

When it's a marathon week, I try to get in a day of speedwork early in the week to get my turnover going. I also try to get a middle-long distance (~8 to 12 miles) early (Mon/Tues) are the usual days for that. I'll put in a shortened "taper" at the end of the week by only running 3-4 miles twice on thur/fri with a little bit of light lifting, abs, and stretching.

A normal week would look similar, but my middle-long would be closer to Wed, so I put more time between my speed work and a longer distance. I would also do 2 more days of ~6-8 miles and include more weight training. I'll also try to put in a long run on Saturday, but usually only around 10-17 at most. The good part about doing so many marathons is that the last marathon acts as the long training run for the next marathon. Noooo more boring 20+ milers to complete without a medal or even a tshirt! Yay!

So, that's my 2 cents for the day.

Happy Running and enjoy your RW!


  1. Dang! I didn't get my RW today. Tomorrow or I take it up with the mail man.

  2. I got my Runners World the other day but it had a man on the front. Do you subscribe to this special "Weight-Loss" edition? I want it! Congrats on all the mileage!!! Ran my first half this past weekend in Fort Worth and it was amazing! Kuddos for doing so many marathons!

  3. I was foraging for an autograph pen because I thought you were gonna say that was you on the cover! Mine isn't here today either. Better be soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing your schedule!

  5. I LOVE runner's world mag. The forums online are really awesome too.
    I absolutely love your blog! I came across it when I was google searching some marathons, I'm excited to read about your experiences!
    Have fun runnin' this weekend!

  6. I like you $0.02! Sounds like you have a great system going. And it obviously works for you!

  7. I don't know how you do it girl!! But I love it!

  8. GL this weekend! I'm taking a break right now from my RW to catch up on people's blogs.

  9. Good luck in your marathon this weekend! Do you have certain marathons you run as "training runs" and others where you go all out?