Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maui Oceanfront Marathon and WS Training ~ Week 7!

This past weekend was the Maui Oceanfront Marathon in Maui, HI! I didn't get a chance to write a RUNdown because well... I was in Hawaii!!! This was my 48th state, which I completed leaving only TWO remaining! I can't believe we're so close to the finish, kids. Please note, however that the finish is still quite a bit away. I was worried that planning a state too close to Boston, would leave me in a dangerous position in case anything happened. ie. Airport/Plane delays/cancellations, marathon cancellations, illness/injury, etc. 

Left up I have Louisiana, which I will be completing the Mardi Gras Rock'n'Roll Marathon. Fortunately there is another LA marathon after this one, in case anything were to happen. And lastly we have.... BOSTON!!!! woohooo. Yep, that's a 2 MONTH break between LA and MA. Whatever will I do? Ummm run more marathons.... obvi. 

Coming Up...
Melbourne Beaches & Music 2/6/11
Rock'n'Roll Mardi Gras Marathon 2/13/11
Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon 2/26/11
Land Between the Lakes Trail 3/12/11
National Marathon ~Double ~ Bataan Death March 3/26-3/27
Martian Marathon 4/2/11
The Boston marathon 4/18/11

Maui Oceanfront Marathon
Maui gave us beautiful weather all weekend.... for a hot vacation that is. Not so much for a marathon. It got up to 90-degrees in our race and my already sunburned body got extra crispy at the race. But, to be in the SUNshine, run in just a sports bra, and get a tan-- SO worth it!!!
Actual Picture of the serenity pool at our resort... we watched whales from  the poolside!
The few days before the race, MB and I spent at the pool at an amazing (yet expensive) resort that the marathon recommends. It's a great spot, but don't mind the honeymooners! The night before the race we had a pretty good sized Marathon Maniac meet-up. Remember Greg that pulled out of Zoom Yah Yah with a medical issue? Well he was unable to make it to this race and Patrick (bottom left) made a life sized snapshot of Greg... and carried it the WHOLE marathon! What a great friend. 
MM's with "Greg"
Both Donna and I completed our 48th state in Maui!
The race was point to point with a mostly upward slope (oh joy) to the finish. We started well before the sun came up, but when it came out it got real hot real quick. Luckily it didn't come out over the volcano/mountains until I was around mile 17. After my hard race last week and 5 straight weeks of WS training withOUT a drop down week (I skipped last weeks drop down and plowed forward) my legs were FEELING it! I was definitely sore and my legs felt like led. Eventually I stopped trying to get a good time and watched the dolphins and whales we passed and could see from one of the ledges we had to climb on the course. How cool, right??? 

During the race I had a great opportunity to meet and run with (at least for a little while) a former marathon Olympian, Regina Joyce of Ireland (now Seattle). NO, I'm not that fast (she actually won my Humpy's Big Wild Marathon in AK this past summer with a 3:09 time) but Regina was running at my pace so I had a chance to chat a little bit and we got a picture after...
1 Olympian, 1 crazy marathoner... you decide which is which
I had a personal goal of making the top 10 women so I could get an award, but outside of that I knew this wasn't a race I wanted to push too much in. As I approached the finish line, I saw my time was a 3:40-something and thought "ah! If I hurry, I can make another BQ time!" I ended up with a 3:40:56. Considering how sore I was and all the training miles I've been getting in, I would say that's not too shabby! The finish line was at the beach, making a great backdrop for the podium. I got 6th place overall women.
Getting my 6th place award!
Post-Race, MB and I went back to layout in the sun some more... because clearly the lobster needed more cooking. It also took a long time to get back to the start by public transport, so 4 HOURS after I finished, I was finally able to eat something-- ok more than just something, I at all this. Yes, by myself...
50-Staters and Maniacs at the finish!
Post-Race Meal... I couldn't move after
WS100 Training ~ Week 7!
So remember when I stressed the importance of taking a drop down week? I mentioned it in last weeks training log because I was feeling the extra mileage/extra hard workouts. Well I certainly can't be expected to follow my own advice, that would just make too much sense. I decided that since I was running a marathon anyways, I may as well skip the dropdown week and save it for later... plowing through to the next up week. Smart, huh? NOT! I was definitely feeling it at the race. But that's ok, Maui is for relaxing, not kicking assphalt. 
H-Hills  WT-Weight Train  SP- SpeedWork  E-Endurance  HR-Hill Repeats
Notes/Thoughts: I will be taking a drop down week this week (essentially, just switching weeks) cause I NEED it! I thought ahead to the next week and my legs hurt just thinking about the mileage. I don't want to put in a bunch of soft, non quality miles, so I'm taking my drop down week for week 8 and SO looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to checking out hot yoga for the first time this Saturday... I'll let you'll know how that goes! 

Happy Running!
"Run to Win" - Meb
Worried about getting injured? Need a boost in speed to hit a PR? Ask yourself... "Have I done my strength training today?!?"

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  1. Ohhh this sounds fantastic! I was drooling over your pics on FB. Even though I just came back from the tropics myself. :)

    LOL at "don't mind the honeymooners"... meanwhile they are all probably wondering WTF is with all the athletic looking people wearing workout gear all the time.

    I love how you just bust out a BQ like it's nothin! Congrats!!!