Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OBX Marathon... Race RUNdown

Gearing up for November -- 3 marathons this month, where the terrain varries as much as the goals. The first one to be run hard on the beaches of OBX, NC. The next is an ultra, run on a 2.7M loop repeat around Warwick, RI. Finally off to the Northern Central Trails of MD for a (mostly) trail marathon. What a way to end the year!

When there are rough trails ahead, I just ask myself... what would Kara Goucher do??? Win! Duh! Ok, well I won't be winning any of these but I'll defintely be K'ing some serious A!

OBX Marathon, OBX, NC
Inspiration Points...
1. This will hopefully be my last HARD marathon for the year- I've got my speed work in and I'm hoping to get my PR time down. If not-- MD is going to be all out.
2. I get my SIXTH spinny star for the year!!! ~ 16 marathons in 16 states in 1 year. Woohoo!
3. It is CB's Bday and she'll be joining me for the marathon!

Race RUNdown...
OBX Marathon
Registration Fees: $75 early reg ($85-$100 late) $100 at Expo~ Only Open to Expo Reg Now!!!
When: Sunday November 8, 2009
Where: OBX, NC
Year Running: 4
2009 Expected Field: 2226 Currently signed up, caps at 2,500!
...Age Group: 68
2008 Field: 1,309 Finishers
... Females: 527
... Age Group: 51 (Winning Time: 2:56:59)
2008 Avg. Finish Time: 4:33:53
Uh-oh! It's definitely going to be warmer than I'm used to in Cincinnati, OH! Let's hope the forecast brings in some rain clouds!!! On the BRIGHT side (yes, there definitely was a pun intended!), there is low wind-- that can make a difference for a marathon out on the beaches!

The course looks to be pretty flat-- NOT my favorite! But I hear you take lots of turns and its VERY scenic with lots of crowd support! Hopefully that will help. Also, the course has some beach-esque parts to it, so it may call for some lighter shoes that won't fill up with sand.

Race 411:
~This marathon has a PIRATE theme-- ARGGGGGG. Including the T-shirts, Pirate Map Medals, and crowd!
~Oh Those Trails: Rumor has it, part of the race detourse onto beach 'Trails'-- be ready for a little sand and brush in your shoes!!!
~The SUN!: The only potential downside I've hurd about this race, is the sun! If it comes out-- its HOT! Let's hope it stays in until about noon-time when its time to go to the beach and have a drink!
~I hear there is lots of crowd support and guess what??? They're dressed as pirates too!

Race Plan:
Well I've put in my speed work and 9 Yassos felt VERY easy... even at a faster pace than is designated for my marathon goal. Who knows-- maybe I can finally get past this "boston" mental block! If not, it's going to be a beautiful course and I always have better temperature (and better course elevation) at MD in 3 weeks!


  1. You rock! I am still gunning up for one marathon... Haven't got past the half.

  2. I've been thinking about running the OBX marathon....I'll be interested to see what you have to say about it. We've been having some great running weather here in Ohio....I hope the sun stays tucked for awhile on race day! Good luck!!

  3. First time at your blog. Very impressive.