Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm a Runner? & PJ Sports Drink!!!

Two discussion points for today...
1) Pickle Juice Updates!!!
I contacted Pickle Juice Sports and asked if I could try some of their product. They sent me 3, 8 oz bottles! I'm going to bring them with me and hopefully they'll help! The instructions said to take one bottle before physical activity and if needed, continue to take during activity. I'll have to find a way to carry the small 8 oz bottle with me-- very convenient sizing!!! I'm liking it already.

I also tried some that my co-worker gave me and guess what? 1. They don't make my stomach sick at ALL.. actually its kind of relaxing on the stomach and 2. It's actually really good. I can tell that I'm really craving the salt, because I don't think pickle juice is normally something people should find appetizing! Also, after about a half of a cup my body wasn't craving salt and it was tasting a little bad. I'll keep you posted on the PJ as much as possible!

2) When am I "A Runner"?
When did you start thinking of yourself as a "runner"??? Once in a while I make the remark "I think I'm a runner"-- surprising myself. But I never really say I "AM" a runner. And I think I know why-- BOSTON! I know, it sounds crazy! After 13 marathons and 14 years of running long distance, one would typically consider themselves a runner. But, I think in the back of my mind, I'm waiting to hit a BQ time before I can officially call myself a runner... don't even get me started on when my warped mind considers myself a "marathoner." Now don't think I'm talking about you all out there. With other people, my wacked out brain calls people runners as soon as they run a single race (be it a 5K, 10K or marathon). Yes, there is something very wrong with me, but couldn't you tell that by now???

I don't know who or what put these thoughts in my head. Maybe it's all the non-runners asking "sooo, have you ever done that Boston marathon thing? Isn't that supposed to be hard to get in?" ... with my forced sulking response of "no... I missed it by 14 seconds." I firmly believe it's the cause of the undo pressure I put on myself race to race! Normally, I do better with a little extra pressure, but in my mind I've made "Boston" much bigger than it actually is!

Thoughts? We all need to relax about Boston and take some of this unneeded pressure off ourselves. On marathon mornings, if you feel great then run hard. If you don't make your boston time-- or any goal time, enjoy the race and appreciate that you've accomplished something only 1% o the US population (and much less for the world) have ever done!


  1. 14 seconds...WOW!!

    Funny I called myself a runner once I started running 4-5 days a week and a MArathoner once I crossed my first 26.2++ Finish Line.

    Guess it is all in the perspective.

    Good to know about the pickle juice. I am anxious to try the salt stick products, I always crave salt...and I am not putting in Marathon training miles.

    Best of luck on the BQ, but FYI you are a RUNNER regardless.

    FYI Giveaway on my Blog today if you are interested.

  2. I have heard about the pickle juice. I heard a lot of positive things about it.

    GOOD LUCK with the Leading Ladies Marathon.

  3. After 5 marathons and 120 or so races and more then 5 years of running I still have trouble calling myself a runner. Once I get started talking about it you cannt get me to shut up but around most people I dont mention it.

  4. well I'm with ya, I need to lay off with all the Boston talk. And I have a long ways to go before I get there. I consider myself a runner...because I get up at 5:00 am to run 13 miles (or more) all alone. For fun. Remember that one time when you WON a marathon? Yeah, I think that makes you a real runner ;) Keep it up girl!!

  5. Good Luck, and I know all about BQ pressure. feeling it now, but can't let it define myself or let me enjoy or not enjoy my running.