Thursday, March 26, 2009

MB is in the race...

(<--MB and I Finishing Las Vegas Together)
MB's Marathons...
So, it has come to my attention (because MB sent me an email) that MB is up there in her race for the states as well. She's not really trying to hit all states, however she will be doing the Flying Pig this year and when she does it will be her 6th state as well.

If you have been following along like good children you would know that by the time she runs the pig (May 3rd) I'll have run Atlanta (GA) and Nashville (TN) so I will also be up to 6 states. MB has run... ummm I believe 11 marathons???
I'll add a post to the side to track MB's states as well!
MB's States... (Any my best guesses at the marathons)
1. NY (Hudson Mohawk AND NYC Marathon)
2. MA (Boston Marathon)
3. FL (Disney Marathon)
4. NV (New Las Vegas-- with me in '06)
5. IL (Chicago Marathon)
6. *Soon to be OH- Flying Pig Marathon 2009.

-Happy Running!!!

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  1. next to NY on my blog should read Hudson Mohawk Marathon (3times)
    next to Boston Marathon (2 times)
    and now the Flying Pig should be added!